Windsor is getting busy

Hello friends.

We’ve been waiting for the crowds to hit Windsor this week and today we’ve noticed it’s started getting pretty busy with traffic and pedestrians. The influx of visitors to pay their respects to our Queen. There are people holding flowers here and there, on their way to The Long Walk, others looking lost off track and are relieved to find a local such as myself to point them back in the right direction.

I walked into town at lunchtime today and noticed how quiet it was, even though there were many people around.

I know this is a historic event, but I myself have no desire to visit the crowds on The Long Walk and I definitely don’t want to join that massively long queue in London to see The Queen lying in state. This doesn’t mean I didn’t respect The Queen, as I did, but I never met her personally and do not feel connected to her personally as some people seem to. I will be taking my flowers instead to my Mum in the care home. It’s been a while since I took her flowers, something nice and bright and cheerful for her. She is OK, but sad that she has dementia as she is aware of this. She’s always really pleased to see me and cries when I say I have to leave. I guess in her mind I’ve only just got there, she has no concept of time.

My Dad is also OK for the moment. I think he may have had his Covid booster jab today. I tried to ring him but he wasn’t picking up. I’ll try again later. Earlier in the week I got the train to Kingston, to help my Dad with some banking work to sort out transferring funds to pay for my Mum’s care. I cycled to Windsor and Eton Riverside station and when I got back this notice was attached to my bike and all the others in the bike rack..

Luckily I managed to retrieve my bike as there were no signs up when I’d left it, only when I got back – 😥 phew! There were a lot of police and security in the station, and a whole lot more cleaning than usual going on!

So for this weekend in Windsor we will be avoiding the town centre, maybe watching a bit of the funeral stuff on TV. On Monday I have volunteered to go into the office for a couple of hours before the funeral, as work is really busy and I have some time off later in the week. I’ll probably walk in and then hopefully David can pick me up before the roads in Windsor town centre are closed, ready for The Queen to return to Windsor and her final resting place at St George’s Chapel. I can’t find a picture of the chapel, so here’s another one of the magnificent castle.

Thanks for tuning in. You probably won’t see me on TV in Windsor but I’m just here up the road! Have a great weekend Xx

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