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Hello. My life seems to revolve around many different banks at the moment, helping my parents with the Power of Attorney. The process is both frustrating and time consuming and the continuing inefficiencies of Barclays left me in tears last night. After pub and sleep it was off to Santander in Maidenhead this morning. Santander have surprisingly been the most straightforward for this process so far. Nat West were OK but not brilliant. The bank branches are often shut and no one wants to answer the phone after office hours when I am free. Big sigh 😞.

I feel like The Waffle (and I ) have lost our way a little. Gone is the happy cooking of gourmet dinners for the moment. The Waffle garden is not tended to so regularly. I wonder who really wants to hear all of my woes?

My blog friend Julie at The Rambling Sloth reminded me to keep taking pictures for the blog as that is a therapeutic process, noticing the little things around us. I actually miss the proper focus I had on this during lockdown but generally I was quite miserable on and off during this period so I mustn’t be tempted to look back through rose tinted spectacles! David and I do have fond memories of our lockdown Cocktail Saturdays when I made a different cocktail every Saturday evening. Some people mastered a new language, I got the cocktail shaker out 🥳

Apart from work and my parents’ work there’s not a lot on for me. I’m trying to join in the Orjenise (Instagram) 100 decluttering for September. Check it out on Instagram if you like this sort of thing. It’s all about organising your stuff by a lady called Jenn. (It has absolutely nothing to do with orgies as someone rudely suggested 🤭). Each day there is a new category of unwanted items to identify in your house. So far it’s been toiletries, food at the back of the shelf, and today it’s the big kitchen cupboard. I’m only managing a couple of items halfheartedly a day. I am not going to make 100 in September at this rate. Hopefully there’ll be a category I can catch up on later. I guess even if I don’t make 100 I still will have improved my living environment a bit. A visit to my Dad’s house soon reminds me of the perils of having so much stuff that you are basically living in a massively untidy cupboard rather than a living space.

Enough of my worries, here are the photos of things that caught my eye recently in Windsor. Enjoy! Happy Saturday 😎Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “Banks etc

  1. Ooh please keep waffling Gail. It’s you we love to hear about (not just the garden and the cooking, fabulous though they are.)
    Plus the info on different banks this week is really helpful.
    Looking forward to the next blog x

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  2. I don’t like Barclays, but I have had to pop in at the beginning with looking after mum’s finances and have to say mine was a better experience with them in what I needed to do.
    Now, its just doing anything else when required online.

    Lovely photos. Keep enjoying taking photos whether for yourself or your blog.

    Take care. X

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  3. Beautiful pictures – you’re really good at taking these. I agree, keep taking pictures for the blog when you have a moment. Sorry you’re going through such a tough time. Hope you’re able to get through the paperwork soon!

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