Trees of Crowthorne

Hello. Feeling a bit exhausted. As usual recently… with all that is happening with my parents. The good news is that my Mum is now out of her Covid isolation and she never had any Covid symptoms. She is able to socialise again with her new care home friends so she is much happier. I saw her yesterday walking well with a frame; hip is progressing slowly. They had a musician playing guitar and singing at the home. My Mum was singing along too and knew all the words to the old songs. I joined in with the Elvis one.

I still have a lot to do for my Dad to help him with finances and medical appointments, cleaning and shopping… on Tuesday we’re back at St George’s for his CT scan and post op follow up with the consultant.

This afternoon we visited my mother in law for tea. She lives in Crowthorne where there are some lovely trees. We went for a walk before tea. This was my second walk of the day as I’d already walked to the local Esso petrol station to the Amazon lockers to pick up a bulk buy of ricola sweets for my Mum, now that she’s decided she likes the red cranberry flavour ones as well as the lemon ones. My mother in law gave me an individual lemon cheesecake that she didn’t want. She often gives us half a packet of this or that to use up. She also likes to give me used jam jars to put in the recycling bins outside her flats for her. You can put them in with the lids on these days too.

Anyway, here are the nice trees of Crowthorne..

So many sweet chestnuts.

Here is a 2 shaped cloud.. I thought they could use this for the TV channel BBC 2??!

Roast pork is cooking in the oven and I’ve harvested some more new potatoes from the garden. According to The Mirror and The Express newspapers it now costs £5. in energy to cook a Sunday roast. Everyone is dreading the latest price rises and the onset of autumn/winter. Personally I’m going to keep calm and carry on as normal until David tells me otherwise. He is head of our household finances and he can tell me when/if we need to tighten our belts…

Bank holiday Monday tomorrow so no work for those of us in office jobs in the UK. The weather is still pleasant but we really really want rain. Here’s some we had the other day, so unusual I took a photo! Look at the yellow lawn though. Everywhere in Windsor looks like this.

Most unusual for us Brits to crave rain on a summer bank holiday! 🤣🤣 Enjoy yourselves whatever the weather! Xx 🌞☔️😎🍹

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