Yesterday in Richmond

Hello everyone. 5 days with no Waffle. What is the world coming to?

It’s been very busy with my parents and work.

I went to see my Mum today. She is still sad in Covid isolation but still with no Covid symptoms so that’s a great relief. She may be allowed to socialise with her care home friends again on Monday. Her left leg is still painful from her hip op at times. She can still only walk a little with lots of help. I feel very sorry for her. Hopefully she will walk properly again. I have promised her that she will.

My Dad meanwhile has been thoroughly investigated and I am getting to know different hospitals with him, some private, some NHS. The good news is that he does not appear to have a terminal illness. He is still a bit weak, tired and very underweight, but I am working on that. On the whole I feel he is improving and is more positive. So that’s good.

We must be a week or so with no new crisis. Amazing. I did expect someone to be struck by lightning or something too, the way things have been going in my family lately….

I’m trying to grasp short periods of respite for myself. Yesterday after my Dad’s hospital appointment and seeing him home, hoovering etc I decided to reward myself with a very pleasant walk along the tow path from Ham to Richmond. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. It was just a gorgeous British summer’s day and a period of 50 minutes when I wasn’t looking after anyone except myself 😎.

The beach at Petersham. I went in the water here once as a child. I think it’s actually quite dangerous with the currents.

A man’s been living on this homemade barge for more than 20 years..

There are some beautiful old trees. This one below is a huge plane tree. So majestic.

Puppet theatre barge..

Field where there used to be cows in Petersham below. The big building on the hill was The Star and Garter Home for ex servicemen. I think it’s now luxury flats. The other building on the left is The Petersham Hotel.

It was a very enjoyable stroll and a trip down memory lane. This Richmond area is where I grew up. Of course I took it all for granted when I was younger, as you do.

Time for a quick nap now. More Richmond pics to follow soon Xx.

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