Tuesday’s Waffle

Hi. I nearly called this “Wednesday’s Waffle” but it appears to be only Tuesday.. so there we go, silly me! I was sitting in my Mum’s care home lounge the other day where the main topic of conversation amongst the residents was what day of the week it was. Someone asked “What day is it today?” looking at the TV guide. Many didn’t know but thought it was a good question and were thinking hard. One said she had asked the staff earlier but she’d forgotten. Eventually I told them it was Monday and then I got teased for being a smart alec 🤣🤣🤣I guess maybe I’m not ready for care home life.

Do you like my sunny sunflower? I grew this from seed. So satisfying. The big one like a beanstalk at the front of the house hasn’t flowered yet, nearly ready though. This one at the back of the house really cheered me up. It looks a bit scrawny, but it’s still my sunflower.

I took my Mum some flowers to the care home last night.

They’re stocks and they smell lovely. I thought they were nice but my Mum was not very impressed. She was in quite a sad mood which made me sad. She seemed to have a lot of awareness of her dementia yesterday and was depressed about that. She said “all the good things are over” and cried while I hugged her bony body. I think dementia sufferers are often worse in the evening. I’ve decided not to visit again until Saturday when I can go in the morning rather than tired after work. Better for me and for her. I’ve bought her some new sandals as she was going on about not having any recently. I’m not sure she will be able to try them on at the moment with her post op hip. She’s usually in slippers these days. I might show them to her anyway otherwise I’ll have to send them back.

My Dad is sort of OK I think. Waiting to see the cardiologist next week when hopefully we’ll get a proper diagnosis for him.

I don’t feel like this is a very cheerful blog, but I’m OK, honest! Last night I made a pork and spinach curry with the leftover roast pork, it was quite tasty.

Today has been all work, work, work in the office. Catching up a bit now since I can focus a bit more on the job in hand. At lunchtime I popped down the road to see Julie to give her her belated birthday present which was a purple Wimbledon cap. I think it will really suit her and she seemed pleased with it.

In other news we have some new big cracks in our house. An ex surveyor friend and a builder have had a quick look. The working conclusion is that these are due to the drying out of the clay soil in Windsor as it hasn’t rained for months and months. It will hopefully resolve when the rain comes back again.

This constant sunshine is very nice but a bit weird for us. We might have a barbecue at the weekend but I did read that these are being discouraged at the moment due to the likelihood of fires spreading. Everywhere is so parched and the grass is all yellow or dead.

I’ll say bye for now so I can get a quick walk around the block in before I ring my Dad to check up on him. Bin night tonight. Exciting stuff 🤣🤣Have a pleasant evening, morning, afternoon wherever you may be Xx.

P.S I am still completely addicted to both Wordle and Quordle. How about you? I usually do Wordle at lunchtime and Quordle at bedtime. Life in the fast lane, eh?!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Waffle

  1. Good evening. I will be off to bed once I type this.

    Lovely flowers in your photos. I hope there is a better day for you and your mum. I hope you enjoy Saturday.

    Keep hydrated as I have read we are in for a heatwave from Thursday to Sunday. I have changed my plans for Saturday and now staying at home.

    I hope your dad is well as can be.

    I used to play Wordle everyday, but I stopped months ago now, after having enough.

    Take care. X

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  2. That is such a lovely thought to bring your mom flowers and sandals, I’m sure she feels cared about when you visit even if she’s feeling down. It is probably good for her to be able to talk about how she feels with you. Glad your dad’s doing better. I’m still doing world and quordle as well – definitely addictive 🙂

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