The colour of hydrangeas

So the crisis must have passed a little with my family situation, as I’m now noticing the colour of hydrangeas. This is one of our blue hydrangeas 🤔?!? David says it will turn blue after it is pink. We shall see… apparently it depends on the alkalinity of the soil. I never knew that before.

I also seem to be growing a beanstalk…(actually a sunflower).. I planted a whole row of them at the front of the house but only this one is growing. I guess nature’s like that sometimes.

It’s been a busy day with my parents. My Mum is looking a bit shell- shocked still but she’s back at the care home after her hip surgery and mobilising with a frame and helper between her bedroom and the lounge and the dining room. So proud of her! It’s nice to see her back with her new friends.

My Dad has been to 3 medical appointments today, driven by David and assisted by me. We started off with blood tests and physio for his back this morning and then moved on to ENT this afternoon. He has finally had the hard wax from his ears cleared completely. The chemist and the NHS had already tried to clear this twice and gave up saying his ears were too hairy and the hair would have to be cut away by a specialist. The ENT consultant said it wasn’t actually hair, just A LOT of wax. He is SO much happier now this is gone.

Tonight it’s time for Charlie Bigham’s salmon en croute and baked beans. There hasn’t been much cooking going on recently as you can imagine. At times there wasn’t even much eating as there were not enough hours in the day. Old people take ages to do anything, everything takes so long.

For now my Mum is in the best and safest place for her. My Dad is still in the same care home for respite and then he ventures home into the big wide world on his own again on Sunday. It is a worry and I’m sure this is not his last time staying in a care home, but he is a new man compared to when he arrived a couple of weeks ago. He is proud and independent and will not have any help at home, or even any company except me occasionally due to Covid concerns. It may be that we are waiting for another crisis with him, but there’s nothing I can do about that except to try to work with him and steer him towards a safer path when I can.

Let’s hope August is a little less challenging than July. I still can’t believe how much was thrown at me all at once last month. Aiming to get back to some reading, cinema, cooking, socialising and concentrating on my job, but I won’t get my hopes up too much. My part time job running my parents’ finances, being their personal shopper and overseeing their health needs is not going away any time soon.

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7 thoughts on “The colour of hydrangeas

  1. You arę coping marvellously. You can feed hydrangeas spent tea leaves. That might turn them blue. Or it might be a myth. I don’t drink enough tea but I absolutely love hydrangeas. I am so pleased your parents are bettter/stabilising. Keep up the resting when you can in whichever way you enjoy

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  2. Glad things are looking better with your parents.

    My uncle who passed away a few months back was like your dad, strong independent who didn’t ask for help.

    One of his grandsons who was telling me things that had been going on that were worrying, he was saying how he had to have the conversation in a way with his granddad on the topic concerning that would in the end be where his granddad felt he made the decision, rather than tell him.
    Driving his car was the big one, as last year, or last 2 years were where he noticed and other family members noticed he wasn’t driving safely as he once used to. It got to stage where being in the car wasn’t safe.
    He knocked his new car more times in a short space of time, when he never had before.
    So his grandson had to have a careful conversation with him, in the hope one day his granddad would decide not to drive no more, so it was on his terms.

    When it came to clearing out papers, that they are sorting probably still, as they finalise things, they have found quite a few fines in the past year. He has never had a fine in his life.

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    1. Yes this is exactly it Liz. I have to advise my father and guide him towards reaching hopefully good conclusions on his own rather than dictating to him. Unfortunately he drove himself home immediately after his surgery and still insists this was the right thing to do even though the hospital called me and begged me to pick him up or stop him. There was nothing I could do as he’d made up his mind. Since hospital he’s really been too ill to drive and he has listened to me but he’s getting keen on it again now that he’s feeling a bit better…

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