Ongoing challenges

Hi. Nice bee isn’t it? I snapped this in Windsor Great Park last weekend.

Life continues to be challenging for me.

My Mum is relatively happy in her new care home residence. She’s very busy participating in lots of different activities. She even went on a trip to Brighton last week. One of her main worries is if someone sits in her favourite chair. She’s already had podiatry and a hair cut. The staff seem very kind and competent.

My Dad is home from hospital after his urgent vascular surgery x 2, but he is not doing that well. He is struggling, weak, tired, very thin, confused. I am helping him as much as I can and talking to all his doctors on a regular basis. I do not feel like much progress is being made. We are both battling on.

I am sort of OK I think. I make myself do some of my usual routine of relaxation with David. I often do not feel like I am very present, I feel preoccupied and anxious pretty much all of the time. But I do not feel overwhelmed. Not yet anyway. I will keep calm and carry on. I have many lists to write of things to do and shopping lists. I was going to treat myself to something too but after my parents’ tasks this morning I just did my online food shop and couldn’t be bothered to think about anything else.

My Mum’s care home fees are enormous, as they all are. I’m trying to get the Power of Attorney registered with all the various banks. My parents seem to have little bits of money in many different places. They have not made it easy for me. The task is huge.

Last night David and I went out in Windsor for a few drinks. We had a mini pub crawl in St Leonard’s Road. We started at The Hoppy Place which is a nice little craft beer place. We enjoyed it there except for the little dog yapping at your ankles at the bar. Then we moved on to The Old Court which is the arts centre in the old fire station. There were enough people for there to be atmosphere, but quiet enough to get a table and relax. They serve beer from Windsor and Eton brewery, my favourite. Our final stop was at The Windsor Trooper pub. Below are some pictures of the pub decoration there.

After that we tried to get an Uber home but no cars were available. We got a local Five Star Taxi, then forgot we hadn’t got an automatically paid Uber and got out without paying. Oops! The driver took it quite well and called out the window politely that we needed to pay him so we rushed back very apologetically and did so including a generous tip.

I hope you’re all doing well. It’s very muggy and hot and sweaty in Windsor. It feels a bit oppressive like we still need LOADS of ☔️ rain. Back soon hopefully Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

13 thoughts on “Ongoing challenges

  1. It’s good that you have a supportive husband and that you can reflect peacefully, through your blog about all that is happening. Take comfort from the fact that you know your parents are being well looked after, both by you and professionally. Your love for them shines through and though this is a very difficult time you know you are doing all you can. All best wishes.

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  2. Glad your mum is doing well and enjoying different activities. Your dad must miss your mum – is he able to visit her? Hope you’ll be able to settle into a routine with both of them and that your dad will start to get better quickly. Sounds like both you and hubby and doing your best and truly supporting your parents. They are lucky to have both of you!

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  3. Feeling anxious and preoccupied is totally understandable. I get that as I have been there myself.
    I am glad you are taking time out as hard as that is.

    Glad to hear your mum is joining in with activities and being settled in the care home.
    I hope your dad’s health improves.

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  4. I know it can feel overwhelming worrying about your family’s well being. Wishing both your mom and dad good health and happiness. Stay strong!

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    1. Thanks Charlotte. I am on an emotional roller coaster, I took my Dad today to live for 2 weeks respite in the same care home as my Mum. They are both safe and in a lovely place but I feel very responsible all of a sudden..

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      1. I was checking back to see how you were doing and saw this – must be very hard to have to be responsible for your parents in such a big way. I hope the 2 weeks makes all the difference for your dad – sounds like a very good idea to have him surrounded with support.

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