Hottest day ever in the UK

Hello. If you’re living in the UK you don’t need me to tell you it’s HOT 🥵 right now. Like really really hot. Like the hottest it’s ever been since records began. It’s currently about 37 degrees C in Windsor. I work in an office with no A/C. At 2.00 pm today I abandoned ship and went home. I’m currently relaxing in the A/C of my bedroom. I know this is very unusual to have A/C in UK homes and I am a very lucky girl. David and I had this installed in our bedroom and David’s study a few years ago. Bliss!

Tomorrow it’s going to drop to 28 degrees C here. We are joking at work it will seem so cool we may need a cardigan 🤣🤣. The thing is in the UK we all crave a bit of sunshine and warmth and a proper summer, and we obviously all wished just a little too hard for this, as now it’s gone bonkers and we don’t want to play any more. Hot weather sounds great, until you’re actually really errrr… hot 🥵.

David and I like to dine al fresco in our garden whenever it’s warm enough. One year we honestly only managed this one day in April and once in June. The rest of the time it was just too cold and miserable. Hard to believe that now, but the British summer is extremely unpredictable and unreliable.

For those of you in the UK I read that about an hour ago in Somerset it started raining (how nice, remember rain?!) and the temperature dropped to a very pleasant 22 degrees C, so you might want to head down there.

David called a builder contact of ours this morning as he’s getting a bit worried about cracks appearing at our property. Some of them are quite big. He’s going to have a look but says due to our clay soil here, together with the lack of decent rain for weeks and weeks recently, we are not alone and everything is starting to move a bit. So if this carries on let’s just hope the house doesn’t break apart. That’s the last thing I need. Got enough on my plate at the moment.

All this typing is making me hot now, so I’ll love you and leave you. Be careful, don’t go crazy, see you the other side of the heatwave! Xx

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3 thoughts on “Hottest day ever in the UK

  1. I have managed to keep cool inside my home so far on the average summer. But if I had been living at my previous address, on an average summer it was boiling hot in my one bed flat. The fan was on at the hottest times around July and my hamster would need an ice bottle on the outside of the cage. So goodness knows how I would have got on if I was still living there.

    Where I live now, as I say, I have been comfortable. No fans. Just cold drinks. But in the last hour, I have had to move from front room today, to back room, where its cooler. The front room has gone from noticably warmer to getting a bit hot.

    I wasn’t at work in either jobs yesterday. But today I am. I was that hot when I got home from morning job that I thought I would have to have a tepid shower. But ice lollies and cold water cooled me in the end.
    But when I am home from evening job, I shall definitely be having that shower then.

    Where I live was supposed to be thunder and rain this afternoon. Its still sunny as I expected.
    Looking outside, I can see there’s a good breeze. So I am hoping that breeze will make things bearable as I walk round to work.

    There is air con in places where I clean. But I am going to be melting in the first hour while I clean toilets as it gets warm in there on an average summer day. So not looking forward to that bit.

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