Parents, parents, parents…

The picture above is of some fake flowers I saw in Windsor (or maybe it was Eton??) earlier this week. Quite pretty I thought.

My life is all about my parents now. Today I visited my Mum in the care home this morning and my Dad in his own home this afternoon.

I took my Mum some new pyjamas and some of my old clothes I thought she could make use of. She tried everything on immediately! The pyjamas looked really is a photo of one pair of them for sale at M & S. They are really soft material and came with a matching scrunchie that was cute. The other pair came from Amazon.

It was an exhausting day and I had a headache most of the time. There is a lot to worry about that is suddenly all my responsibility.

To get to my Dad I got the train from Windsor & Eton Riverside to Richmond. And then the bus.

I was hoping to have a day off from it all tomorrow, but looks like I will have to call my Dad and see how he’s going and if not improved I may have to call 111. He was very grateful for my visit and told me I am a brilliant daughter and David is also very helpful. He does not usually say such things.

I hope you are all doing well. I wish I could do the usual Waffle about cooking and eating or my garden, but unfortunately there’s not a lot of time for any of that at the moment. Or for the foreseeable future… ☹️☹️

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15 thoughts on “Parents, parents, parents…

  1. Oh dear. I feel for you. For about six years I used to spend almost every day of all my school holidays visiting relatives in hospital- parents, godparents and sometimes their friends. I was the only child of parents with no families. And then it all stopped. I know how difficult it is but you love your parents and this is how it is. Try to talk to them about other things besides their health. I’ve never met you, but feel I can send you lots of love

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  2. Making time for you can be really difficult and its all to easy to forget yourself.
    When you do remember to look after yourself and get in some routine, it can soon quickly be forgotten again.

    Its nice to feel appreciated and I am glad you heard those words. X

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      1. I have been a carer of some kind for my mum for many years. It all started for me from my teens because of my mum’s mental health with Schizophrenia.
        It came to changes for the worst in 2019 when it meant mum had to be sectioned after really worrying about her health 2 years prior but not getting anyone medical to see mum. It took mum to OD for that help to be there until it meant that mum had to be sectioned because she was still showing to be unstable and then I applied to be deputy of her finances which has been so stressful and I regret taking it on.
        Dementia diagnosis came in last care and mum needs more care.
        As current care home only know mum as a person with dementia, hence she had to be moved to that one for 24 hour care, as other was like a residential care home, they only see dementia. But I see both dementia and her schizophrenia. More her schizophrenia than dementia. But dementia is there partly.

        I haven’t seen mum now since early March. As you know mum has turned me away and wanted me to go a majority of the time I turn up since 2019, that after last visit, making sure she knew who I was, I warned mum that when I leave, I won’t come back unless she asks for me. She still wanted me to go.

        I am still waiting to be released of my deputyship. Its all gone quiet and I have emailed for latest, but heard nothing.

        Its such a stresdful time in these events with parents or anyone you care for and its so easy to neglect yourself because of new responsibilities, if you take them on. X

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      2. Liz you have reminded me that there is always someone worse off than yourself. I am lucky that a caring role for my parents has only started in very recent years for me and that my Mum at 91 has nothing wrong with her apart from dementia. I saw a lady on the bus yesterday with her 37 year old son being very disruptive with his mental illness and I thought what a lot she must have had to deal with for 37 years..

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      3. Just because someone has it worse, doesn’t mean your own feelings of what you are going through are not valid. Yours is a difficult time to acknowledge and making sure you have time for you because it can get so overwhelming.

        I still keep in touch with mum’s former neighbour, where mum used to live independently before she was sectioned to then be moved in a care home because she couldn’t care for herself safely. Mum unfortunately wanted nothing more to do with her. But this was down to mum’s paranoia. I mentioned schizophrenia before. But actual medical term is paranoia schizophrenia that my mum has. She’s had this before I was born.
        Mum’s former neighbour knew what I was going through, because her son had schizophrenia too. He took his own life some years ago. She’s been so helpful when it came to the time of me waiting to be a deputy to close things down and pay debts that were owing because mum didn’t have direct debit for those couple of things and so nothing could be paid until I became deputy. She would keep an eye on mum’s bungalow in between me popping up and she would put the bin out if it needed emptying, when I was clearing the place. X

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  3. Dear Gail, I have been rather reluctant to get in touch only because given the enormity of the situation that you find yourself in, any thing I write might appear feeble. However one thing that I have been doing since reading your earlier blog post is to say a wee word of prayer every morning for you, your parents and for David – that the situation will improve and that you will get a bit of respite. Take care!

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  4. I was actually going to drop you a message to see how you were. I’m so sorry you are facing all this lovely and wish there was something I could do to help. Sending lots of love and support and know that I’m always here if you need to vent. This is so difficult, be kind to yourself and try to get some downtime xxx

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  5. Your parents are lucky to have you – glad you were able to visit both of them and check on how they’re doing. The pajamas look lovely and soft! Don’t worry about not posting about cooking, I’m sure all your readers are happy to just see that you’re posting.

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