A new era for me and my parents

Hi everyone. I really don’t know where to start. My life has been turned upside down since the events of Tuesday onwards with my parents.

My Dad is in hospital at St George’s again. A routine check up on Tuesday led to admission the next day for urgent vascular surgery… and then when that didn’t work completely, more urgent surgery the next day. It seems that hasn’t properly worked either so another CT scan today. We await the results.

My Mum couldn’t stay home alone with her dementia as it is so I walked out of my job on Wednesday, stayed a sleepless night on the sofa at my parents’ house with my Mum and sorted out emergency respite care in a lovely care home in Windsor for her. As you can imagine I was an emotional wreck whilst trying to stay strong, calm and practical.

My Mum’s care home required 2 weeks’ fees up front. Although I have Power of Attorney it’s not registered yet with the bank/s, so I had no choice but to max out my credit card with the massive amount. David went a bit pale when I told him how much money I’d spent.

For now my Mum is sorted, clean, relatively happy, very well cared for. She is unsettled of course and worried about my Dad and if she’ll ever see him again.

This is where I’m up to. I think I still have a job, a husband, two parents and maybe a little life of my own. The next few weeks and months are going to be super challenging. If I’m not on the blog you know I’m missing The Waffle crying in a corner somewhere, well hopefully not Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

20 thoughts on “A new era for me and my parents

  1. Gail. I just read your blog. I am so sorry to read this. Been trying to write to you on imessage but it’s not been sent. Trying for a week. I hope you get this. Thoughts are with you. Erica.

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      1. That’s kind of you to ask. He’s back home, still very weak and tired and I’m not really sure if his surgery was 100% successful. He rushed home driving himself against medical advice and my advice, through fears of catching Covid. I have got a challenging time ahead with him, trying to help him remotely by phone until I get there in person at the weekend…

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      2. I’m glad he’s back home and you’ll be seeing him this weekend. So impressed that he drove himself home! You know, the fact that he’s so independent may drive him to get better quicker because he’ll be motivated. Hope everything gets better quickly – thank you for taking the time to update.

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      3. I’m struggling to see his stubborn independence as a positive thing.. he has got into a mess with so many things as he’s too proud to accept help. My mother in law is actually much more independent at age 95 as she always asks for help, it’s so much easier!

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  2. Sorry to hear. I know how upsetting and stressful these life changing events will be. I send you my best wishes and I hope your Power of Attorney is sorted very soon. It makes things very difficult without something like that in place. X

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  3. Hi Gail

    I’ve just seen your Windsor Waffle post and really sorry to hear about your problems with mum and dad. Totally understand the worry and turmoil you are feeling but it sounds like you’ve made the best decision for your mum while everything is so uncertain. She will be disoriented at first and obviously worried about your dad but I’m sure she will settle down and hopefully get some rest. I do hope you get some answers soon about your dad and meanwhile make sure you look after yourself as well as everyone else. Easier said than done, I know! Here if you want to chat or if I can do anything to help.

    Love Kay xx

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  4. I can’t reply to your latest blog, it says the page can’t be found?! I just wanted to send lots of love and a wee smile to cheer up your day. I’m sorry things are rotten just now xxx

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      1. I was so gutted I couldn’t reply. There is nothing I can do but sympathise with you lovely as things are so hard for you right now but you just keep on waffling (my phone changed that to waddling!!) in whatever shape your blogs take. It really helps me to write about things so I hope it does you too! Xx

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