The lavender is out

Hi. How do you like our lavender? We have 2 big pots of this at the front of the house.

We used to plant these pots up with something like begonias every year. The lavenders are less work and more cost effective as they stay in the pots year round. I believe the bees like them too.

Today my poor legs have just about recovered, at last! On Wednesday Julie and I went on a free day pass to The Village Gym in Bracknell. We had a great day out and no-one tried to sell us anything. The yoga class only had one space left so we ended up in the Les Mills tone class. It sounded quite gentle, it was not. Cardio, squats, weights, press ups, you name it, we did it, and then speeded it up! Much of the time I picked the easiest version of the exercises whilst looking at the clock. I still ended up unable to walk up or down stairs properly for the next few days. Someone at work offered me a stick and David joked that I needed a Stannah stairlift, not kind my friends. We followed the exhausting class with lunch and coffee at the on site Starbucks followed by a gentle swim and relax in the jacuzzi.

The cure for my aching muscles seems to have been time, and home made rhubarb cake. Obviously.

Yum yum yum, I love this cake. My colleague Tina has made one too this weekend with some of my rhubarb whereas Moya’s gone off piste with a crumble I believe.

Last night David and I walked into Windsor for dinner, and then got an Uber home. Eating out and Ubers have both been increasing in cost recently. We had a drink at the Windsor Brewery tap room on the way and then dined at The Giggling Squid Thai restaurant. It’s been several years since we visited this restaurant and we weren’t disappointed, although overall we both still prefer The Duke of Connaught pub for Thai food.

Special mention goes to The Giggling Squid’s sharing platter starter. This was delicious and tasted really freshly cooked. If I’m honest I was pretty full after the starter.

There were pork skewers, chicken wings, vegetable spring rolls and a sort of tempura squid. I’d definitely have this starter to share again. It came with 2 dips, David liked the spicier one and I preferred the sweet chilli one. I’ve never been to Thailand. Maybe one day.

On tonight’s menu is roast chicken with all the trimmings. I’m currently waiting for Ocado to deliver our weekly food shop, thankfully not waiting on the chicken as I’ve learnt the hard way not to rely on the food shop for that night’s dinner. You can end up very hangry that way if it’s late or worse still if it’s a missing item.

The sun is shining in Windsor and there’s a gentle breeze. This snoopy post below reminds me of my book club. Have a great week ahead. Thanks for tuning in to The Waffle Xx

So cute!

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7 thoughts on “The lavender is out

  1. I love the lavender! It’s one of my favorite plants too. I’ve actually never had rhubarb in my life…it doesn’t seem to be popular in the U.S. But your cake is giving me second thoughts. 😉

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