Random Tuesday chat

Hi folks. I’m guessing this guy above is a giant Hagrid from Harry Potter. He’s made from Lego and I spotted him in Bentalls in Kingston today.

It was a tediously long day. I spent many hours in Kingston waiting for my Mum’s dental appointment. David took me really early to Staines on the way to his hospital appointment and I got the 216 bus from Staines to Kingston in view of the train strike. I tapped in on the bus with my credit card and I’m not sure how much it cost, around £2. I think for an hour’s journey. So much cheaper than in Windsor.

I’m not that into shopping but in Kingston I did buy a cappuccino, some Anthisan cream for my itchy bite on my ankle, a new sports top and a BLT sandwich and a Diet Coke for lunch. I tried on a few swimsuits but didn’t like them and also was not willing to pay £129. for one in Bentalls. “You must be joking!” I exclaimed to myself.

I usually just wear t shirts bought on holiday or at airports for exercise but some of those are a bit thick for this hot weather, so I treated myself to this pink Under Amour one below. I nearly bought it from John Lewis for £23. but it had a little crease on the neck I didn’t like and then I found the exact same one for £18.99 in Sports Direct, so bought it there.

I’m going to wear this tomorrow when Julie and I go on our free day pass to the Village Gym in Bracknell. I’m looking forward to a swim most of all, and lunch and catching up with Julie. It’s not exactly a free day out now that I’ve bought a new top for £18.99 is it?! But I will obviously wear this more than once.

Today is Sarah and Sarah’s birthdays! Sarah my friend from school and Sarah my friend from Uni. Happy Birthday to the Sarahs! I also gave a birthday cake and gift to my Dad who is 80 on Friday.

David is busy doing the plant watering while I have a lie on the bed. It was so hot on the bus back from Staines and took soooooo long. I wore a mask when it got really crowded but hardly anyone else did. I then managed to get a train from Staines to Windsor as there were a few running today and David picked me up from there.

I’m missing my book club tonight so hello to all bookclubbers and I hope you have a great meeting, see you next time hopefully. I’ll leave you with a picture of a lovely plane tree near Staines station, also some picturesque chimney pots, lamp post and blue sky in Windsor the other day. It’s sea bass and filled fresh pasta for dinner tonight, a less than 10 minute cooking job, et voilà!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday chat

    1. Hi Basia, Agincourt by Ranulph Fiennes (non fiction), I found it very boring and only reached page 65. I think some of my book club friends felt the same. Last month we all (without exception) loved The Girl with The Louding Voice by Abi Daré, wonderful book 😊


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