Platinum Jubilee weekend

Hello everyone. We are on our 4 day bank holiday weekend in the UK. Thursday morning I woke up and felt terrible. I had a migraine. I was stressed about all the work I hadn’t caught up on in the office since coming back from holiday and about my parents. I was very grumpy with no enthusiasm for the weekend or the Jubilee celebrations AT ALL. Thankfully this has changed.

I took some tablets, had something to eat and tried to feel a bit better. David loves planes and started to get excited about the imminent fly past over Windsor. I decided to join him outside and saw a few of our neighbours doing the same. Here are some of David’s photos..

1 Hawks from RAF Valley.

2 Typhoons in “0” formation. We didn’t see the “7” of the “70”.

3 Typhoons.

4. Red arrows.

So this was all very exciting. It was a treat to see these special planes fly over our house and they did cheer me up 😊. I think The Queen enjoyed them too.

We then went for lunch at Pondwood Lakeside Café in White Waltham. It was nice to relax by the angling lake. (There was no way we were going into Windsor with all the crowds there). The peaceful view from lunch..

The weather was warm enough to sit outside. I had a chilli chicken wrap with chips..😋. Here’s a yellow iris.

Yesterday I still had the migraine but not so bad. David was getting ready for playing with his band up the hill at the Illingworth Street Party. As I walked up to the party in the afternoon with my heavy bag of snacks and drinks I passed through a street party or two. I decided the one we were at was the best as we had the biggest crowd and the live band. There were probably about 60 neighbours there. The band were great. I danced in the street and forgot about my woes. It was a wonderful atmosphere of young and old enjoying the music. It felt very much more of a neighbourly get together enjoying the British summer than anything to do with the royal family, which suited me fine.

I hope you’re having a good weekend. Happy Jubilee to The Queen and everyone! 😎🥂Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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