The rest of the Bordeaux photos..

Hi. Apart from the delicious food and wine, Bordeaux also has some very beautiful architecture. There are no high rise buildings here, which is very pleasing on the eye.

We visited the cathedral which was lovely and free to enter although you could of course make a donation. It was a little noisy inside as they were doing some renovation work and putting up scaffolding. Most of the old buildings in the city looked like they are cleaned regularly. Our wine trip tour guide said they have a mayor who is extremely popular and has done so many good things for the City. If only we had some similar politicians or town Councils over here!

This below is the bell tower of the cathedral which is separate from the cathedral but on the same site.

I liked these painted columns inside..

This clearly shows where they are up to with the cleaning..!

Right, that’s enough of the cathedral, otherwise we’ll be here all day!

In another part of the city we came across this beautiful church which also looked like a cathedral.

We visited the Jardin Public that was also free to enter and a gorgeous space. There were a lot of these pretty pink flowers, wild roses I guess.

Bordeaux has an excellent tram system for getting around. It only costs 1 euro 70 for a journey.

Check out the man’s bright trousers! I noticed several European men in their flamboyant trousers, like Michael Portillo on his train journeys..

We used the tram to visit the Cité du Vin. It’s supposed to look like a wine decanter.

This is a very interactive museum with a headset to wear, things to smell, buttons to push. We learnt something about wine making around the world, but we didn’t really get excited about all the interactive stuff. The highlight of that day was probably the tram trip and the lunch afterwards. David had a gourmet burger and I had spaghetti carbonara sitting outside at a place just opposite Cité du Vin.

I didn’t realise I had so many Bordeaux photos! I’ll have to do a Part 3 Bordeaux blog.. hope you are enjoying the tour so far? Xx

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