Are you ready for the Jubilee?

Hi everyone. H M The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is coming up in 11 days’ time marking 70 years on the throne. This above is the window decoration of Daniel’s Department store in Windsor. We have an extra bank holiday here in the UK, on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June, instead of our usual end of May bank holiday, so 4 days off in a row with the weekend.

Some people have started decorating their houses already…

There are a lot of street parties being planned across the UK, and of course many different events in Windsor.

I have to say I’m not hugely excited about it. I enjoyed the 1977 Jubilee when I was 7 years old. We had a street party all dressed in red, white and blue and did three legged races with our neighbours in the street. I have some good photos somewhere of me doing a race and my parents and their friends looking very young and slim, and happy. In 1977 The Queen was young and vibrant. Now alas she is not. She’s done well but I feel maybe this is just all a bit over the top for a lady of her age? Or maybe I’m just being a killjoy and she just wants to go out with a bang and hand over to Charles and William after this?? Who knows? I’m not particularly a royalist, but I am proud to be British, so maybe I should be a bit more positive about it! Mostly I think David and I will just be trying to avoid the crowds and the traffic like we do for all Royal events in Windsor. David and his band are also playing at a private street party. I just heard him practicing the national anthem on his guitar 🤣🤣

We had a funny experience trying to avoid the goings on for Harry and Megan’s wedding. We drove away from Windsor to go the auction house in Bourne End with some of my aunt’s things for sale. Before we knew it we got stopped by the police on Maidenhead Bridge as Megan and her Mum came over the bridge in the car, on the way to the wedding. We hadn’t realised she was staying near there. There weren’t any crowds around and Megan was quite close and looked straight at me sitting in the car and waved at us. I waved back. It was all a bit surreal as we hadn’t been intending to get involved in such things at all and yet there we were at that moment.

My Mum of course remembers The Queen’s coronation in 1953 and she has told me a few times how she got a tube in London the day after The Queen’s father George VI’s death in 1952. My Mum was a young adult going to an interview in London and she said the whole of London was eerily quiet after his passing.

Windsor Castle is a very impressive castle, don’t you think?

I’ll leave you with a few pretty non Jubilee related local pictures from Windsor. Have a nice weekend. I’ll be back blogging in a week Xx

I’m really into tree bark at the moment..

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3 thoughts on “Are you ready for the Jubilee?

  1. I will be enjoying my time off work. But thats it. I am avoiding social media from 1st June to 5th June and the bank holidays, I will will immerse myself in dvd’s, music and reading.
    After over the last two years with whats happened and what came out, celebrating Jubilee will be the last thing I will be doing.

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