And relax 🫖🍪….

Hi. How are you all? I’ve been busy doing very grown up things. I don’t mind being a grown up, but then when your parents get old and ill you suddenly have to grow up to a whole new level. You become really responsible, they become dependent on you, and at times it’s quite overwhelming. I want to shout “no, I don’t like this, make my parents younger again!”

So yesterday I visited a care home in Windsor as a possibility for my Mum maybe quite soon, or maybe at some time in the future. It all depends on how my Dad’s test results go, and how seriously ill he turns out to be. We will know more on Friday. Yes, that’s right, Friday the 13th, what a day to get your test results.

The care home was lovely, of course very expensive as they all are. My Mum has no idea about this idea at this stage. It’s a difficult conversation to have.

Today I accompanied my Mum to the dentist in Kingston (again!). This is a series of 7 appointments to get her a new denture plate for her top teeth. Last appointment taking the impressions was really traumatic and my Mum was in a lot of pain and frightened when they tried to get the mold out of her mouth. This time was still painful but not quite so bad. Unfortunately the impressions had to be redone as her new teeth got damaged on the way back from the factory. Sometimes memory loss is helpful, however. We chose not to upset her by telling her anything had gone wrong and the very kind dentist and I just kept smiling (under our masks) and pretended it was all part of the process and this was the next stage. My Mum was none the wiser and we all got through it.

Now I’m back home lying on the bed, drinking tea and relaxing. David has spent several hours today sorting out the wiring for the new TV. Our old one of 15 years gave up on us last Thursday night in the middle of watching the news and was unfixable. We have since then been craning our necks of an evening watching Netflix on David’s iPad propped up on a pile of my cookery books. We’re currently watching “The Silent Sea” on Netflix which is a Korean Sci Fi series. It’s set on a station on the moon and everything is so dark, I realised last night what I thought had been the shadow of a monster in one scene when one of the crew members died was actually just a dirty smear on the iPad screen 🤣🤣.

I promised you some more pretty pictures from Windsor, so today I’ll show you some lovely leaves I took recently. I hope you find them relaxing as I do.

Gorgeous, aren’t they? I could look at leaves all day…. 🧐❤️🍃🍂🍁🌱

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “And relax 🫖🍪….

  1. Best wishes for you all. I hope the tests your dad is expecting are ok and if you have to go down the care home route, that things work out fine there.

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