Trip to Cambridge

Hi. David and I had a little trip by train to Cambridge to visit my niece Hazel on bank holiday weekend.

Hazel is studying Natural Sciences and is at Pembroke College. She currently has modules in Maths, Chemistry, Evolution and Cell something, I forget the name. What a clever girl!

Pembroke College is very old and beautiful. The gardens are so well kept and tranquil. I was envious of her accommodation here and the beautiful chapel and library. I was not so envious when she started talking about exams coming up in her difficult subjects!

The College library is in the middle of this picture above, with the clock tower.

This is where the hungry young students eat their meals. Sometimes they get dressed up for formal dinners. Hazel has a beautiful green dress she wears for the same.

I love the key hole and the face on this door.

The sun was shining, as I had requested from Hazel for our visit! We decided to visit Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Hazel gets free entry there. David and I paid £7.50 each. It is a really lovely place.

Look how sharp this one is below! Ouch!

This next one is Hazel’s favourite. It closes up segment by segment, leaf by leaf if you touch it.

We especially liked the glasshouses. There were a series of these with really interesting plants. We stopped at the outside café for cold drinks. It was really hot! David thinks his head got a little sunburnt!

After the botanic gardens we left Hazel at her College and walked back to our hotel, the Ibis Cambridge Station, to have a quick shower and change ready for early dinner at The Ivy restaurant. More in Cambridge Trip Part Two, to follow soon….

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