Visit to The Hurlingham Club

Hello. It’s been a busy weekend.

On Friday I went to The Hurlingham Club in Fulham with my school friend Sarah. Then on Saturday overnight to Sunday David and I visited my niece Hazel who is studying at Cambridge University. Today I’ll tell you about The Hurlingham Club.

This is a very exclusive private members’ club. There is usually a 25 year waiting list to join and you have to be nominated by an existing member. I believe these days you even have to be a child of a member. There is also a very hefty annual membership fee. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has been spotted there playing tennis with Princess Charlotte. I don’t think I’ll be joining any time soon 🤣🤣, but it was a nice treat to go as Sarah’s guest for the day. Thank you, Sarah.

We sat outside and had toasted sandwiches and a glass of wine for lunch. It was a gloomy and chilly day, but we were fine under the heaters.

These tulips were amazing. Never seen tulips with these edges before.

The grounds are very beautiful and immaculately kept. There are some black swans and interesting ducks. They are currently doing some maintenance work on the stream.

There is an outdoor swimming pool. We saw a man standing in the pool who made us feel cold! The pool did look lovely though. The tennis courts are grass. There are a few places to eat and drink inside and outside. It wasn’t very crowded at all on Friday.

There are some stunning trees. This oak tree planted in 1953 is absolutely gorgeous. It didn’t look like a normal oak tree shape and the leaves were bigger than a traditional English Oak. I think it was maybe a sessile oak.

There are some peacocks!

Everything is lovely. A little oasis in the city.

The camellias are doing well, not died from frost like ours.

After touring the grounds and catching up with each other, we went inside to get a coffee and then I headed home by walking back over Putney Bridge and catching the train to Windsor.

I hope you enjoyed the Hurlingham Club tour. Next time: weekend in Cambridge. Isn’t it nice to be out and about again? 😊 Xx

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