New utensils pot = living the dream 😊

Hi, I love my new utensils pot for the newly refurbished kitchen! I’ve been looking for one recently to replace a blue jug and a ceramic pot that looked cluttered and not in keeping with the new grey and neutral colour scheme. I know this was quite expensive, £22.97 including post and packing from Amazon, but I bought it with gift vouchers, it is massive, it holds up to 20 utensils, it is dishwasher proof and….wait for it…. it spins around 🤩🤩🤩🤩. It’s great fun selecting a spatula from the other side giving it a twirl. David is also most impressed. We are very middle aged to get excited by such events 🤣🤣

When I haven’t been playing with my wooden spoons and spatulas, I’ve been busy so far this week working, going to the dentist in Windsor and also taking my Mum to the dentist in Kingston, attending book club at The Swan, reading a couple of books including “The Curated Closet” and this evening watching the film “Operation Mincemeat” at the cinema in Maidenhead which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Tomorrow is my belated birthday lunch in Marlow with Julie and pottery workshop day, wish me luck! Last time I attempted to make a pot was roughly 1980. Just like riding a bike? 🤔 maybe.

So I’ll just finish off my green tea with lemon and polish off a couple more Easter Lindor truffles… then head to bed for a big sleep 😴 hopefully as last night was a 3.30 am awake for ages worrying kind of night which I don’t wish to repeat. I may be dreaming about the magic spinning utensils…. or this pretty blossom below.. Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “New utensils pot = living the dream 😊

  1. Fantastic. You have induced spinning pot envy. But don’t worry. I shan’t be committing any copy crimes as my husband insists we keep all spoons and spatulas etc in the drawers. I occasionally bring out a jug of some kind and tentatively put some useful implements in to have on hand
    , but no sooner is my back turned, they are all put away. But I do understand your joy. I am even more middle aged than you, but things like that have always been a delight for me.
    My mum, who hated cooking and all things kitchen, who detested being given anything remotely useful as a present, would often secretly succumb to weird kitchen gadgets. She left a whole lot of them unopened, unused, which we discovered when she died. I still have the avocado peeler somewhere. Still unused!
    Have a love day making pots

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