April = garden month 😎

Hi. I don’t have Covid any more 😊. I had my first properly negative test on Saturday, just in time for my birthday and Easter Sunday yesterday.

It’s been a great weekend. Glorious sunshine. Out and about again without the Covid. We’re still a bit tired on and off, David’s ears are still bothering him and my throat is still a bit inflamed, but basically we’re fine now. 😊

I did not expect the first half of April to be Covid month. So let’s draw a line under that now and move on to garden month.

We’ve been to the garden centre and bought herbs for my vertical garden, compost and manure for the veg patch.

Yesterday morning I planted up the herbs. I have rosemary, mint, thyme, parsley and some lettuce. There are a few pots still empty. I wonder what will go in those 🤔

We started this wall in lockdown 2020. It makes me feel happy. The plants are out of the way of slugs but they do need a lot of watering as this is a sunny south facing wall.

Today I also planted some sunflowers in these pots. More happiness to come.

I have weeded and dug in some manure to the veg patch. This was hard work! 😥 my back was aching, but it’s done now. Look at that lovely rhubarb!

I have ordered some Arran Pilot seed potatoes to go in the dug part. These are our favourites. I’ll probably also plant some other veg along the way. I honestly don’t think this saves any money at all once you’ve bought all the compost and seeds etc but I really enjoy this connection to the earth. David has green fingers and really enjoys gardening too, but is limited with his back and neck issues. We pay someone to mow the front and back lawns and to do the pruning of large bushes etc. The veg patch is enough to keep me busy. I love the garden but have so many other interests too.

Here are a few more pics of The Waffle garden today..

The poor camellia did not survive the frost again.

I’ll leave you with the view from my birthday pre dinner cocktails. We went to Roux at Skindles in Maidenhead. The highlight for me were the cocktails on the terrace. Such a stunning view.

You also cannot beat the goats cheese soufflé starter 😋😋😋 OMG this is good.

Bye for now. Have a good week. Only 2 days of work for me this week yippee 😊😎Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “April = garden month 😎

      1. I am enjoying it thank you. But not in the way I thought I would, since the fence between me and next door came down.
        But I still don’t regret moving here, until wherever in the future I may be next.
        Not much else showing in the borders than already shared. But I am noticing there is life in two pots next to the house. One which I knew was a clematis last year, after noticing a dry flower on it. The other looks like it may be sweet pea. 🙂

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