Life after Covid

Hello. I think I’m post Covid now. Going to test tomorrow just to make sure, although my boss has told me I’m paranoid and shouldn’t be testing any more. I just don’t want to infect anyone. As far as I know I haven’t so far. David and I are both feeling better now, I wouldn’t say 100% and it’s 2 weeks since we first had symptoms, but we’re getting there and a lot happier 😊.

Going back to work on Wednesday and yesterday helped me I think. It was good to get out of The House of Covid where I was becoming an institutionalised ill person. I feel like myself again.

So has it been a Good Friday for you? I’ve had a nice day so far. I unpacked the deliveries of my Mum and my niece’s belated birthday gifts. I didn’t want to contaminate them before. Both look good and hopefully the recipients will like them. I will give my Mum her gift on Wednesday when I take her to the dentist, and Hazel can have hers at the end of April when we visit her in Cambridge.

The rhubarb cake has been going down well. 😋. Last night I made a chicken rogan josh curry from a Waitrose recipe card… chicken, red lentils, spinach, very yummy.

Tonight we’re having something called Chicken Alexander from “Cook”. Just have to pop it in the oven from frozen for 45 minutes. That’s my kind of Friday night meal. I’ll probably also do some oven chips or wedges. Stress free. I’m quite chillaxed. Must be the Spring sunshine and the Easter vibes. It’s also my birthday on Sunday so I’m the Easter birthday bunny and I get to have a whole long weekend off work and reckon I’m allowed to eat as many Easter eggs as I like. By the way, I’m still calling them Easter eggs. I wrote a blog about this a while ago when I noticed some manufacturers don’t call them Easter eggs any more. They have become “egg shaped chocolate confectionery” or some such politically correct rubbish. Don’t get me started on Spring onions, they are now called salad onions, I don’t like that either!

There are some beautiful tulips around at the moment. This yellow one is one of two in our garden.

These white ones are on display outside Maidenhead Town Hall. They’re a bit scrappy now but still very beautiful.

I also saw a beautiful purpley pink magnolia tree outside the town hall and would have photographed that too, except there was a baby having a photo shoot there!

For now I’m off to put the chips in the oven, crack open a bottle of chilled white wine and phone my parents. I wish you a Covid free weekend full of joy and Easter eggs. He looks very cute but I would definitely eat this bunny, ears first! 😎Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

5 thoughts on “Life after Covid

  1. I wasn’t aware of some political correctness towards Easter eggs. Like you, they will always be know as Easter eggs to me too.

    Have a Happy birthday on Sunday.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

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