Covid – the results are in

I am on the left, David on the right. As predicted both still positive. Both of us have fainter lines than last time we tested on Tuesday, and David’s is fainter than his first positive result a week ago. Does that mean anything, getting a fainter line? I wonder if it might just mean you didn’t swab thoroughly enough, who knows.

I actually felt pretty good this morning. David was not joining in and discovered a new symptom; grumpiness.

I got a bit over enthusiastic and did some chores. Then thought I might not have any energy to prepare the lunch. David helped and we both felt our lunch had not much taste, muted version of what it should be. The mushroom soup quite frankly just tasted of heat. Weird. I’ve never ever lost my taste or smell with a cold whereas David usually does. So this is how it is. ******* Covid!

I’m still hoping for a negative tomorrow. Boris has no rules any more, but I have decided I would like 2 days negative before I return to the office. Grumpy David says “it’s extremely unlikely you’re going to get a negative tomorrow”. Well that’s told me. Time for another nap.. I’ll be dreaming of a negative test. I had a strange nightmare the other day that I was at a party meeting all my blog friends in person for the first time and no-one would come near me as they knew I had Covid. Happy days..

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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