House of Covid: Day 5

Hi. Before I had my afternoon nap I wrote an upbeat little blog in my head (yes, I do this, blog in my head, you only see a fraction of it actually published – thank God I hear you say).

Both David and I have been a bit better today 😊😊😊 on Day 5 for me, Day 6 for him. We are starting to look back on our worst moments, hopefully.

I am trying to emphasise to David that we need to pace ourselves and not rush to get better immediately, in case of setbacks. Unfortunately he is not particularly patient and the moment he starts to feel a tiny bit better I hear him doing things like hoovering. “Hoovering? Are you mad?!” I said incredulously a couple of days ago. “You’ll have a set back!”

So the next morning he woke up with a completely blocked deaf ear and tinnitus accompanied by health anxiety regarding the same for which I blamed his ridiculous hoovering activity in the midst of fighting Covid. It may have had nothing to do with it. I’m still cooking, of a sort, and loading the dishwasher, buying food online, putting the rubbish out etc. but I’m not doing extra chores unless they’re entirely necessary to our recovery, that comes first. I know I’m very lucky to have a husband who does the housework unprompted. Knowing David it was probably his particular day of the week when he hoovers that room, and for him routine is very comforting. I just want him to get better. Thankfully, panic over, his tinnitus passed quickly and he has admitted his hearing is actually still there, just quite muffled and blocked, which is probably pretty normal with the amount of congestion going on in his head.

My weirdest symptom, apart from random goose bumps up my arms and legs whether hot or cold, has been an intermittent stabbing pain in the back of my head and sometimes behind my ear. I have self diagnosed occipital neuralgia (🤣). As it feels like nerve pain the Paracetamol doesn’t seem to touch it. It’s not pleasant but I can live with it and it seems to be a bit less frequent today. It’s always nerve wracking (nerve wracking ha ha! just got that) thinking about the possibility of long Covid, which makes me stick to my argument of getting better once, properly, rather than limping along half better for months on end.

I would really not like to go through this alone or certainly not without having had a vaccine.

Omicron, if this is what it is, is not to be underestimated. I don’t remember David and I ever being simultaneously so poorly before in our 20 year relationship. We’ve had bad flu-ey colds that have got us both, but usually one after the other, a few days apart, or sometimes one of us really poorly even worse than this and the other not affected so much.

I hope you are all keeping well and Covid free. One day I may have something more interesting to talk about or some pretty pictures to show you.. for the moment this below is kind of our life.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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