Covid positive today

I feel terrible as does David but at least now that I have tested positive we can end our increasingly halfhearted isolation within the house. I’m quite pleased it’s a proper positive line, not like the piddly feint line David first got. It’s given me a little boost as we’ve had a cuddle for the first time in days which is great medicine and I’ve put the immersion heater on for a day time bath in “David’s” bathroom which is now “our” bathroom again 😊. Never thought I’d be happy to see the two red bands, but it was a relief and I can stop beating myself up about maybe not doing the test properly.

Interestingly I learned last night that it can be normal in fully vaccinated people not to test positive for a few days, as your initial illness is an immune response without a full viral load in your body which is reduced by your vaccination and makes you less contagious in the early stages. Good news for my colleagues hopefully.

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