Update from The House of Covid

I am still negative but I must have Covid. I feel terrible and I’m living with Mr thick red double lines today. He only had a feint T Line on Friday.

It’s not fair. I’m sure I am ill enough to warrant double lines, my badge of honour to prove how ill I am.

I have a sore throat, inflamed ears, very slight pathetic little cough, shivering, goose bumps on legs, really tired, fed up, random aches and pains including in the back of my skull but no headache or migraine as such. I made myself sit in the garden for 10 minutes. Then I took my coat off but couldn’t bear to part with my winter scarf. I got into bed with all my clothes on including the scarf. Tell me this isn’t Covid?!

I think David may be slightly better. He is still coughing a lot and he says his chest now hurts a bit. He is not in bed most of the day like he was 2 days ago. I am at that stage.

What’s this rubbish the media is spreading about Omicron giving you only mild symptoms? I know we’re not in hospital but me no like this.

I’m psyching myself up to leave my bed to go downstairs for a cup of tea in a minute. If I had more energy I would stomp downstairs in a grump. I hate Covid. I’m holding Boris personally responsible. What was he thinking of lifting all the restrictions and making me stressed about how many tests I’m using as they’re not free any more and I want to save them for seeing my elderly parents and David’s Mum….?

However I have lots of lovely kind friends and colleagues who have offered to help where they can for which I am very grateful and especially to Tina and Michaela who are working extra to cover me this week. Thank you team. 😊Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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