Greetings from The House of Covid

Howdi. David is Covid positive for the first time ☹️. I am not.. so far… we are trying to isolate away from each other in the house.

Last night I put fresh sheets onto the spare bed and moved into there. I had quite a good sleep until I woke up at 5.30 am and wondered where on earth I was!

I feel like I’ve moved into a house share, with my one room. I only have one limited wardrobe rather than the two I’m used to (oh such a hard life!). I have some slightly strange underwear and toiletries that I haven’t used for a while. Apart from that it’s quite cosy, and Covid free.

I’ve probably already got Covid although the test says otherwise. David picked it up at his band rehearsal on Wednesday. By Thursday Geoff the drummer had tested positive, then John and David. John C is OK as far as we know but he didn’t stay for the full session as had a dental appointment and also he doesn’t sing. Both David and Geoff are feeling rough. “These are not mild symptoms” David croaked at me this morning and I agreed with him, he does not look good, which makes it easier to stay away from him. I do not want to catch that.

So my weekend has become long distance nursing. I provide regular endless cups of tea and hot meals at the opposite end of the living room. I’m also playing the crazy game of “let’s try not to catch Covid” and “have I washed my hands enough?” Tonight I’ll be moving on to “thank goodness we’ve still got wine”.

So I’ve just escaped the lurgy house for a long walk up the hill and back. I’m not talking to anyone, just in case I’ve got it too. Here are some pictures from my walk:

I met this cat, who seemed to be saying “what are you looking at?”

I didn’t stroke or breathe on the cat.. don’t want to be giving someone’s cat Covid either..

Aren’t these lovely shadows of trees on the grass? I was just thinking how beautiful grass is, and then I noticed the shadows. I guess it was a mindful walk, I am a mindful person…!

Happiness is having your WordPress media storage fixed so you can post photos Willy Nilly again 😎😊

I wish you all an extremely Covid free, healthy weekend. I’m off to prepare tea and cakes for the poorly one, who actually cannot be that poorly as he’s just risen from his sick bed to play the guitar.. 🎸🎼 Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

16 thoughts on “Greetings from The House of Covid

  1. Beautiful photos. I do hope you dont get it. i had it recentl but didnt really notice it. My daughter is getting married next saturday and I dont want anyone to get it between now and then! and a change of night scenery will be good for you – new perspectives!

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    1. Thank you Liz. I tried to leave a comment on your blog earlier, but I don’t think it worked, I have put in a reservation request for a book by Thich Nhat Hanh at Windsor library. Glad you are finding some peace x

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  2. Get well soon David and yes happiness is sorting your WordPress storage and Willy nilly photos that are very beautiful! Hope you are still clear? Xx

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      1. Oh no. At least if you have it you can move back in together! Craig tested negative for over a week with worse symptoms than me. Get well soon lovely xx

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      1. I’ve heard it takes a day or two of having it before testing positive – hope that’s not the case with you! Definitely get it checked out if you feel worse..hope it blows over quickly!

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