Beautiful Spring has Sprung

Hi. Magnolia trees are blossoming everywhere. Don’t you just love them? This one above I spotted in Kingston when I took my Mum to the dentist both on Tuesday and Wednesday… a long story.

There are also lots of friendly little robins around.

This little chap was trying to nick my breakfast at Costa yesterday. Then in the afternoon at the dentist’s there was another little robin coming to see me in the garden. They’re so tame.

I really like the location of the Costa coffee in Eton as it has the most amazing outlook from the terrace at the back. It’s a proper sun trap and you can see the lovely riverside of Windsor.

Swans and daffodils, what’s not to like?

This is right next to the terrace at Côte, which is also well worth going to on a sunny day to dine by the River Thames. Such a pretty spot.

Views from the bridge from Windsor to Eton…looking towards Maidenhead…

And the other direction..looking towards London….

I can rarely cross this bridge without a deep breath and a pause to ponder how lucky I am to live here. It’s glorious.

I’m running out of clothes to wear at the end of this week in this unseasonably warm weather (up to 18 degrees C and sunny every day 😎). I’m not complaining as I love the sunshine, but my long sleeved Spring capsule clothing is mostly too hot to wear. March is usually freezing like winter. I thought of texting my colleague to say I can’t attend work tomorrow as I have nothing to wear 🤣🤣. My parents used to tease me that as a child I always had to be exactly the right temperature. In the car they’d look round to the back seat and frequently found me in some sort of contortionist act trying to remove or put back on my vest. Why I didn’t have outside layers I have no idea, the vest seemed to be the key to it all. I’m still quite fond of a vest truth be told although thankfully I don’t feel the urge to remove and reapply it throughout the working day. I have cardigans for that!

I’m wittering on as I’m a bit tired this week. Work and helping my parents. I haven’t been out at all in the evenings. No cinema ☹️. Too busy. For tonight I’m cooking salmon kedgeree from the Highclere Castle cookbook (where they filmed Downton Abbey). It’s a really nice recipe which makes a change from smoked haddock in a kedgeree. Looking forward to eating it, can’t be bothered to make it but it’ll only take me 30 minutes once I get started. Nearly the weekend Wafflers. Enjoy! 😎 Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring has Sprung

  1. I am ready for the weekend now, as of this evening.
    Yes, the weather has been glorious hasn’t it. I hope to go for a mid morning walk tomorrow, after my morning job. It will not likely be any parks though. But I will hopefully go a walk around Kings Mill res again, which is not far from where I live.

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      1. I enjoyed last Sunday. I was out a majority of the day. So if weather like that this Sunday, I probably do the same.
        Tomorrow will be about a couple of hours.

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