Two year Anniversary of the Pandemic

Can you believe it? Today is the two year anniversary of the pandemic being declared by the WHO on 11 March 2020. At that stage there were 118,000 known cases of coronavirus in over 110 different countries. Doesn’t that number seem small now? 118,000 cases?

I’m partly writing this for the CoronaDiaries project led by Mike Ward at the University of Swansea. I gave permission a while ago for them to use my content from The Windsor Waffle in their collection of diaries of our personal experiences living through a pandemic.

So, let’s look back to March 2020 – this was a shock, pandemics were things I’d only seen in films before, the type of film my husband liked to watch about the end of the world and the remaining few humans scrabbling around for food and fighting each other. As the cases grew, the deaths rose, the shock became more and more real. We were scared to walk past another human being on the street, holding our breath in case we caught the virus instantaneously from another. We became obsessed with food shopping, online delivery slots, panic buying of toilet rolls, helping each other out. David was more interested in the number of beers in the fridge, I often found him at the fridge in the garage checking the supplies. He was not going to survive a pandemic without beer!

Our government imposed lockdowns, not as severe as in some parts of the world but pretty restrictive nonetheless. Stay at home. We got the message loud and clear. We all started a lot of hand washing and sanitising, keeping our distance from each other but never sure if it was supposed to be 1 metre, 2 metres or 1.5 metres or precisely how we were supposed to measure this. Wearing masks, trying out the different types available until we settled on our personal favourite. At least we had plenty of food and ALCOHOL unlike those in South Africa. Thank goodness for cocktail Saturdays in our house. My new lockdown skill was making cocktails, a different one every Saturday, planned and looked forward to during the week, David dressing up in his Hawaiian style shirts arriving downstairs promptly at 7.00 pm with a smirk on his face asking if the bar was open yet 🤣🤣

The weather was glorious in 2020. Those of us lucky enough to have gardens suddenly spent a lot of time in them. I photographed plants and flowers and grew lots of plants in my vertical garden.

David and I started wearing our summer clothes in April, the ones we used to wear on our Caribbean holidays, it was shocking that too, how lovely the British weather was all the time, but we weren’t complaining about that. When I was “working” from home one day I photographed beautiful butterflies in the garden.

We suffered from boredom and social isolation. We missed our friends and family. We were fearful for our lives and those of our vulnerable relatives. Our government didn’t seem to have a clue. They went on and on about PPE and our supposed world beating track and trace system that pretty much was just a huge disastrous waste of money as far as I can tell.

Zoom zoomed into our lives. Our only social contact. We never really liked it, but it was better than nothing.

And then in November 2020 this Covid 19 got personal for me… really personal. I learned that a friend who was an ex colleague of mine, Angela, had been killed by Covid. She was 66 years old with nothing wrong with her apart from asthma. Breathing difficulties were normal to her with a cold. She was found dead in her flat, retirement and life over. She did not even have the chance to fight it in hospital. I was truly shocked and very sad. The next day I was texted by another friend in hospital on oxygen, really poorly. She survived but with complications. It has been a long road for her and continues to be: a specialist operation needed for a complication of Covid and then the dreaded long Covid. She is getting there, but it’s been a long time. Two days after her hospital admission, a colleague and her husband were also taken to hospital on oxygen. We had no vaccine to protect us back then. Thankfully they were OK. She was a lucky lady with asthma who this time did get to the medical professionals in time.

We all stayed at home with our immediate household, Christmas 2020. A non event. Keeping everyone safe. I moved on from cocktail making to liqueurs. There was a really good home made Grand Marnier and a sickly creamy white chocolate liqueur which David enjoyed more than I did.

Cheers! I have to cook the dinner now. More reminiscing on the pandemic next time… all the excitement of 2021 and 2022 to follow… Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Two year Anniversary of the Pandemic

    1. Someone once said to me whatever you imagine for your future, the only sure thing is that it will turn out to be completely different. The pandemic has been an extreme version of this, no one saw this coming… Looks like we are never having world peace, us humans are probably incapable of this and very good at repeating our mistakes. Let’s hope I’m wrong!

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