A few photos from Wellington College

Hi. Where does all the time go? I always manage to achieve much less than I hoped to at the weekends. I guess that’s what weekends are for, relaxing and not doing much, but it still annoys me! My crafty March plans are just that, plans. I am not sure they will become reality as I have a lot of other stuff, work etc on this month too.

Anyway, I took a few photos this afternoon on our walk through Wellington College. This is in Crowthorne, near to where my mother in law lives. Afterwards we went for tea and cakes and chat on the sofa, as per usual.

Interesting sky today, this main building is pretty imposing, it looks a bit Hogwarts.

This goes down to the lake, picture below. You’re not allowed to walk down to the lake as a member of the public, you’re only allowed to stick to the main path/road through the middle of the estate.

There are some gorgeous trees there.

Sometimes I’ve been inspired by the planting in their borders. I noticed they have no daffodils and no colour at all at the moment. They’ve gone for these interesting spiky plants. I quite like them.

Roast chicken is now cooking in the oven. David is busy cleaning the kitchen floor (what a good husband!) before I prepare the rest of the dinner. The floor had got pretty mucky with ongoing work on the kitchen. The painting has been done, but too quickly in our opinion with not enough attention to detail, so David has been re-doing some of it this weekend. I have been supervising (!) and researching the remaining items we need to buy. We need a kitchen towel rail, a new blind and bar stools to go with my fold down cocktail table. After much umming and ahhing, I’ve ordered a couple of these stools below. I think they’ll be easy to store when not in use and fit with our grey and white colour scheme. Don’t worry, I will definitely show you the WHOLE kitchen when it’s finally done… maybe by Easter weekend, which is also my birthday!

Here are the bar stools… I hope we like them as I don’t think you can send them back. They’re coming from Germany.

It’s feeling pretty cold and un-Springlike here in Windsor. I hope you’re keeping warm and cosy and (if you’re here in the UK) not worrying about the increased energy costs too much Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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