Mad March Hares

Hello there. I haven’t actually seen any mad March hares recently, I just fancied saying it. I think my sister may have mentioned it first. I’m quite fond of hares. They seem lucky to me, but who knows.

I’m done with Fit February. Good riddance January and February. I’ve never wanted to get through those months so fast in my life. Sad but true. Not that I disliked the decluttering or the exercise, just not so sure about the dreary dragging days of the grey British winter weather. And this year we had all the storms too.

I sort of achieved my Fit February goals. I did more than 20 minutes exercise every day except for one day when I was ill. I also did more than 10 different activities. These included swimming, yoga, Pilates, walking, cycling, table tennis, Joe Wicks workout, hula hoop, dancing to a live band, star jumps etc. I wish I could say I felt brilliantly fit at the end of the month but I didn’t particularly. I was just glad my mystery 24 hours of pain in my upper back, front ribs and nausea had gone. All my medical investigations were all clear, so there we go, it seems like nothing to worry about, unless it suddenly comes back, hopefully not.

And so we move on. It’s now March. I’m calling it Crafty March as I’d like to spend some more time on some arts and craft activities. I will be kicking off this evening with hand hemming my new brown trousers as they need taking up a little. Moving into the chocolate brown and dusky pink capsule wardrobe which is much more of an aspiration rather than a reality. I still have far too many clothes and I’ve just bought another jumper and skirt?🤷‍♀️?! At least they are in the right colour palate so they may just happen to go with something else I currently own/like.

Crafty March.. what will it bring? There may be a pottery class booking… ooooh exciting! I’m not sure there’s actually going to be much craft time this month as I have many other commitments going on but I’ll try to make some.

I’ll leave you with some nice Spring-like pictures from Boveney Lock at the weekend. Blossom, how pretty! 😊 and blue sky… at last yippee!

Nearly the weekend. Happy end of the week everyone. Here’s hoping for a sunny weekend 😎 wherever you may be Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Mad March Hares

  1. I dont know about hares bu tour garden in Cookham is overrun withrabbits as I write. they are quite sweet to look at but who knows how much damage they do. we also had a wonderful display of red kites – about thirty of them swooping down for the few scraps of raw meat we put out.
    good luck with your crafting. I’m impressed with your fitness regime. I feel happy if I walk a couple of km a day. 10,000 steps is only ahievable on holiday I think.

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