Walking in Windsor Great Park

Hi. Happy weekend. I’m so pleased to be out and about this weekend and not in pain like this time last week. David and I went for a walk this afternoon in Windsor Great Park. It wasn’t the part we initially drove to as they’ve scuppered our parking there with DOUBLE YELLOW LINES for seemingly no reason, except to annoy us. For locals, this is in Watersplash Lane. You have been warned.

We ended up near the pink house/behind The Long Walk. It was very boggy underfoot and we got pretty muddy. The weather was glorious today.

This is a great place for plane spotting, if you like that sort of thing. We saw a Virgin Atlantic and a Singapore Airlines plane. Not sure which one this is below at the very top of the picture.

I really love the trees. There are lots of old oaks and the light was beautiful today. The Copper Horse statue is in the distance below.

Sometimes you can see deer on the other side of this fence, but there were none today. We saw lots of dogs out on their walks including one which was so big at first glance I thought it was a 🐻 bear!!! Which is ridiculous as The Queen doesn’t have any bears, as far as I know!

Back home for tea and cake, putting the muddy clothes in the laundry bin. I left my shoes muddy as they are my muddy shoes 😊. David spent ages washing his as he doesn’t have clean shoes and dirty shoes like I have, he just has the shoes he finds most comfortable at the moment. He likes all his shoes to be completely waterproof. I think this may be a man thing.

David then taught a guitar lesson downstairs while I sorted out some of my clothes storage upstairs, getting ready for my Spring capsule 2022!

I’m going for a dusky pink and brown theme this time. I pinned up my new chocolate brown work trousers as they need taking up a little. I think they look smart with my new dark brown shoes. I satisfyingly filled up a bin bag with clothes I don’t want any more to take to the Fire Station charity bin tomorrow. I’m also giving my furry lined snow boots to the charity shop. I so loved these boots it is hard to part with them, they still fit really nicely and are in good condition… BUT.. and this is a big BUT….they are the boots I fell down the stairs in and badly sprained my ankle and I cannot get over this mentally. I have become scared of the boots as well as of stairs generally. I’m always looking for a banister these days. Until you’ve fallen down stairs you don’t realise how ****** dangerous they really are. Anyway, David bought me some lovely new Helly Hansen snow boots for Christmas so I don’t have to wear the scary ones any more…. trouble is, we have no snow! The boots are still awaiting the white stuff. All ready to go in their box. Maybe next winter?! as I think we’re now on track for Spring.

As usual I’m waffling on. I do hope you’re all well. Feeling for those in Ukraine at the moment. We are so lucky to be here and not there. Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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