Snowdrops and Camellias

Hi. I took this shot above of the beautiful snowdrops in my garden today. Aren’t they lovely? Isn’t it amazing the detail you can get with an iPhone camera?

There are a few clumps of snowdrops. They’ve only just come out properly, later than a lot of my neighbours’ for some reason.

I was also amazed to see our camellia in bloom already. The earliest bloom on this I’ve recorded so far was 1 March 2020. Last year it was well into April and then the frost got it. So today on 23 February 2022 it is well in bloom and probably has been for several days.

I really love the pale pink colour of the flowers especially with the raspberry ripple effect you can see more of in the photo below.

I also love the really shiny green leaves it has. They are so perfect. I ❤️ nature.

The daffodils are still in bud, being tentative, waiting to show their cheery faces.

So that’s quite a lot of excitement for one day from The Waffle garden.

I’m also very chuffed that completing Quordle successfully the other day was not a one off. Here is today’s I did in bed this morning, in only 8 guesses, get me!

This one was not so good on Sunday. I was quite taken aback it allowed me to put the word “S H * T E” . This is still amusing me a little even though I didn’t get the Quordle that day 🤣

I tend to start off with Wordle as a warm up and then move onto Quordle. I can often do Wordle in 3 tries now… living the dream! 😎

It’s not been a bad day in the end today. I started off very grumpy and out of sorts even though my mystery pain has pretty much gone and I had the day off work. The pain from Saturday tends to come back a bit in the evenings when I get tired, not too bad. I spoke to the doctor today who agreed with me this is not shingles contrary to the 111 doctor’s opinion and still definitely no rash in spite of looking thoroughly for one many times…! I’m going to see him in the surgery face to face tomorrow to discuss. I have not had a proper GP appointment since pre-pandemic probably 2019 so this feels like a big event, and is not very convenient as I will be missing lots of important work in my office. I did have a smear test with the nurse in the first lockdown when I got told off for touching a door handle on my way out.. they were very strict with Covid cleaning. I’ll try to behave myself tomorrow.

You came for the pretty flowers, you got too much of my medical information, c’est la vie my friends. It’s all connected. Hope you’re having a nice week Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Snowdrops and Camellias

  1. I love the snowdrops and camellia. i have a little clump too and one camellia that has blossomed. (one blossom on one tree) Im sorry youre still not well – I have just discovered I have Covid so going to my daughters hen party this weekend is a no no unfortunately. I jsut have a bit of acold, so Im really fedup with the situation. But things could be a lot worse

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