Storm Eunice hits the UK, Franklin on its way + medical issues

Hi. Hope you’re well. Mostly I hope you’re not in pain. I had a great deal of pain this weekend – out of nowhere- on the right side of my upper back, then both my ribs and nausea with the pain. The 111 doctor diagnosed ?shingles but I’m not convinced. Today I woke up pretty much pain free – so happy and relieved- and better. No sign of a rash. So far I’m lateral flow negative. Watch this space. I’m aching a little bit again now so going to have a nap.

We nearly lost our fence in Storm Eunice on Friday. Luckily David was at home and did a great job staking it.

We will get it fixed properly when all the rush has died down with the fence fixing. It’s secure for now.

There were a lot of dead bins all over the place. Poor bins. ☹️

And roadworks.

We don’t bear the brunt of such storms in Windsor. London was worse hit than us this time I think. There were photos online of people being blown horizontally across London streets. Even worse in Wales and Cornwall on the coast.

I hope you all keep safe and pain free. Back soon Xx

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