A few pictures of Swansea

Hi everyone. David and I have just been away for a few days to Swansea. I thought you might like to see some of my pictures. We love Swansea, I went to Uni there (a long time ago!) and David grew up there (even longer ago!).

We stayed at Morgan’s hotel in the marina. We’ve stayed there several times before.

Honestly this was the colour of the blue sky on arrival. Welcome to sunny Wales 😎. The hotel was completed in 1903 and is a very characterful building which used to be the old Harbour Trust offices. There are high ceilings and lots of features.

We particularly like the bar area.

We also like the cocktails. I tried The Cosmopolitan…

And the Espresso Martini…

Both were very good. £8. each which is less than you’d pay in Windsor for the same.

The real highlight of the weekend for me was walking on the beaches in The Gower. So beautiful. It only showered with rain a little bit and was mostly dry. We love it there.

The Worm’s head at Rhossili. Always very blustery here.

There is a causeway to the island. We’ve never walked across. You have to keep an eye on the tide.

Wild ponies everywhere! We’ve never seen them here before. They were really tame and stood gathering around the gate to greet people on the walk and get a pat on the head!

Love the colouring on this one..

They were bigger than Shetland ponies but still quite small, like a mini version of Shire horses, very hairy legs!

The old shipwreck on Rhossili beach. With Worm’s Head behind.

David looking mean and moody above overlooking The Worm. He’s now calling me to get his birthday tea and cake. Happy Birthday Husband! Back soon with the rest of the Swansea pics! Xx

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