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Hi. I took this picture of a church in Maidenhead this week. The details of the architecture on the roof caught my eye and I can see after taking the picture how beautiful the light is.

I took just a couple of other photos..The Odeon cinema. My second home these days with the Limitless membership. I enjoyed Sing 2 this week which is a children’s film I saw on my own, but who cares?! It was a really cute film.

I guess this one below is for the Chinese New Year, Year of the tiger. That’s a good year, I like tigers, not that I’ve ever really met one. I love the markings on their faces. 🐯

A quick google search reveals that David, who has a birthday soon, was born in the Year of the Rooster🐔! And I, believe it or not, was born in the Year of the Dog 🐶! I am so scared of dogs this is quite funny, seems I am scared of my own shadow.

The exercise regime for “Fit February” is going well. So far I have achieved 3 out of the required 10 activities for the month: walking, Pilates and cycling. I have also done at least 15 minutes a day of exercise as prescribed by myself. I walk quite a lot in my daily routine so this isn’t hard to achieve. They say the secret to happiness is to set yourself manageable goals. So far so good.

In Windsor on my lunchtime walk I spotted yet more new build flats, this time behind the library. Why do they all have to be so ugly??

What do you think of these? I’m not keen. But then again I’d rather they built them behind the library in the Centre of town than behind my beloved patch of Green Belt my house overlooks at the back. Every day I say good morning to the horse in the field as I look out 😊, and yesterday David spotted a fox which darted off before I could see him/her. Foxes can be lucky, I thought it was a good sign as David was going for a small hospital procedure. I’m sounding really quite bonkers on the blog today, don’t mind me!

I’m going to stop Waffling now as I’m going to have a few days’ rest from blogging so I’ll leave you all to relax, read other people’s blogs or play Wordle. I did Wordle in 3 yesterday. Get me! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Waffle news

  1. I love foxes and sometimes see them in my area, in a couple of places. One area I won’t see with not being around there that time, was where I formerly lived and the other, on my route to work, which I am now realising I won’t see, as I come a different way in now, since I moved.

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