Happy Weekend

Hi everyone. Do you like these big tyres? I took this arty farty shot this afternoon at Windsor Home Park. It’s quite cold in Windsor at the moment. I had my hat pulled down right over my ears.

Everything was looking a bit January bleak and not very pretty or photogenic. I only took a few photos..

I noticed this boat house by the River Thames which is being renovated has got a smart new thatched roof.

What a skill to build this roof. It’s beautifully done. I’m sure if I’d done it it would look a right mess 🤣. The scene remind me a bit of a Constable painting.

There was a rugby match being played with some spectators along the side. The rugby young men were very loud and excited to be playing their game. Loads of energy and testosterone.

No cricket on at this time of year. The scoring hut stands lonely in the field.

In food news we enjoyed fish finger and scampi sandwiches with tartare sauce for lunch today. When I had my big freezer sort out the other day, I found some leftover fish fingers and scampi that needed using up. My favourite at the moment along these lines is a sandwich made from Marks & Spencer’s battered scallops. The texture of the crunchy batter and the soft scallops with the bread in the sandwich is fantastic.

One of the best meals this week for us was a salmon kedgeree I made using the Highclere Castle recipe. This is really delicious. Boiled eggs, salmon, rice, parsley, cream, butter, yum 😋.

I’ve been on such a roll with my decluttering challenge. I easily smashed my 100 items target so I’m now going for 200! I’m up to 163 so far. 1 more week of January to go. 37 items to go… bye bye stuff. Hello clarity and calm.

I’m thinking of having a different theme for each month, to focus my mind. My rough plan at the moment looks like this:

January – decluttering the house (and office).

February – exercise.

March – ? craft.

April – ? garden.

May – ? friends.

Etc…. Etc….

So what do you think of my plan? What are you focusing on at the moment? January is a hard month, hope you’re all doing OK Xx.

P.S Have you played Wordle yet? I’m loving it. You can check it out here. Only once so far could I not guess the word.. it was ROBOT.

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Love how you are getting on with decluttering and how you are feeling the benefits.

    That salmon kedgeree looks lovely.

    I can’t focus too far ahead anymore as you know. But this month remains another difficult month for me as my writing has shown.
    I did though, make sure I danced away all morning to my cd’s, to compensate for tomorrow.

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    1. Yes I think it’s working for me so far… especially as other friends and colleagues seem to be joining in with me, I didn’t ask them to, they just got enthusiastic!! I’m hoping a little of each month’s habits will stick with me afterwards rather than end completely when the month ends 🤞🤞

      Liked by 1 person

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