Bird flu and other thoughts of the day

Hi. How are you all? I had a visit from the local council today to ask if I am keeping any birds? The answer is no, by the way. I think the foxes would probably get them anyway. I thought maybe they were here about the rats.. David and his guitar student saw a massive rat in our garden the other day and now I don’t want to put the birdseed out for fear of attracting more rodents. I bet the Queen has rats too. There is a rather healthy.. or unhealthy.. population of them in Windsor. A couple of years ago we had one living in our internal walls behind our shower. He/she came in through the sewers/drains. We had to buy a stainless steel rat flap which is kind of similar to a cat flap! It was installed in our drain which basically means rats can leave our property but not arrive, bye bye ratties.

Right, back to the birds. They are obviously getting worried about the current outbreak of bird flu in Windsor. I do not believe there is any bird flu – yet- in humans in Windsor, but there was a man recently in Devon who caught it from his ducks. He lived with 20 of them in his house. He was the first known bird to human transmission in the UK. (We all know what happens when things start jumping from animals to humans… this is not good). All his ducks were culled. So my cold is still not completely better. My friend joked this morning that maybe I have bird flu. I don’t think so!? Apparently the symptoms of bird flu are very similar to flu.. and thus similar to Covid.

The sun shone in Windsor today even though I hadn’t seen that on the forecast, so that was a wonderful surprise.

Debs and I went for cappuccino and cakes at the café in Imperial Park this morning. Favourite café at the moment for a coffee break. We are working our way through the home made cake menu. Today we had a sort of Bakewell tart that was delicious. Afterwards we did a couple of walking laps of the park, which is more like a football field rather than a park. There was a guy repainting the white lines on the pitch. He was really putting his back into it with the machine that he pushed along. It looked so heavy, we were getting concerned about him doing his back in. Maybe he won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll be OK, Mr anonymous line painting man.

This afternoon I walked to Budgen’s to get some cream to go in the salmon kedgeree I’m making tonight. Yum yum. Here’s Budgen’s…!

On the way home these were my views..

I’d better call it a day now as far as blogging is concerned. WordPress doesn’t like me today.. at all… I think I’ve run out of storage space which I solved temporarily by deleting a few photos. Mmmm.. I will have to sort this properly next time. Don’t you just hate I.T? Bye for now my Waffle friends.. if I go silent I’m stuck in a WordPress black hole… falling… covered in imaginary rats or flu-ridden birds…..aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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