Word Press anniversary etc

Hello folks. I received this message above yesterday. I started my WordPress account 2 years ago. It took me over a month after that to figure how how to post a blog post. WordPress didn’t seem to make it that easy, it didn’t seem very logical to start with but I worked it out in the end. My first post I think was on 23 February 2020, and well, look at me now!? I figured out the basics of how to post on the blog, how to link a page and how to add photos. I kept meaning to go back and learn more of the technical, behind the scenes stuff of WordPress, but I’ve never got around to it, I’m too busy blogging 🤣🤣. Maybe one day. When I’m really bored or lost my day job or something.

So until that time you’ll get the usual Windsor Waffle formula, I hope that’s OK.

We’ve been out in Windsor Great Park this afternoon. Such beautiful light today. I took some photos of the magnificent trees.

I’ve photographed this one below many times previously, it’s very iconic.

For those of you interested in the decluttering challenge, I’ve now discarded 77 items out of the target 100 for January from my home. We’ve even removed the boxes of stuff from the garage and taken them to the hospice shop and I’ll get to work on the office again tomorrow. The Orjenise prompt today was digital clutter and to delete unused apps from your phone. I deleted about 8 apps and then found over 50 downloaded documents in Files and Books I had no idea were there. These included restaurant menus and instructions for a holiday cottage we stayed in 2 years ago. All deleted. Very satisfying. Yesterday’s prompt was pet related toys and objects in the home. As we don’t have any pets that didn’t apply to me. Over to you Tina, I hope Betty the cat isn’t hoarding too many toys? 🤣.

I’m still reeling with the shock of the café we visited for lunch today. Some would called it quaint. I would call it appalling. It was so cluttered with stuff we could hardly get to a table, especially as there were far too many tables packed into a small space. All the tables had random **** piled on top of them. Ours had not one, not two, but eleven magazines piled on it! Why? Why would anyone want 11 out of date magazines to read with their lunch? The food wasn’t even very nice. We left in a state of shock. I won’t name the place as the lady was actually very friendly and kind, it just wasn’t the place for me. Completely claustrophobic. I wanted to book them a skip.

Tonight will be roast chicken dinner, one of our favourites, and then it’s back to another week of work tomorrow. I hope you’re all doing well my friends. Have a good week, best foot forward and all that! 😊 Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “Word Press anniversary etc

  1. Happy anniversary! Know what you mean about negotiating around WordPress, sure but does more than we know. Also lovely trees and boo to that café!! X

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  2. Haopy anniversary blogging at WordPress. I don’t miss blogging at WordPress since block editor came in. I am happy over at Blogger and I hope they never change their editor to like WordPress.
    I still come over to visit other people’s blogs and happy to comment that way.

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      1. I have seen the editor change a couple of times with blogging for a good number of years using WordPress. But the block editor was the last straw. A big change from all the previous and unfortunately has took out the fun of blogging here, hence I moved to Blogger.

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