Another sunny day in Windsor, a bit ill and off work

Hi folks. This was the blue sky in Windsor yesterday, and we’ve had the same today. It’s cold but bright and sunny.

I think I’ve got a cold. Negative lateral flow tests. My throat has been very sore and my ears inflamed. I have a very croaky voice. I was going to go to work this afternoon as I have a colleague who was able to cover part of the day, but my boss suggested I went for a PCR test instead, which I’ve done so. He says I shouldn’t go back til the results come through.. they told me 72 hours, he says 12 hours, but they’ll be ready when they’re ready I guess. When did I last have a day off sick from work? No idea. I think I’ve only had 3 consecutive days off sick from work in the last 20 years, for a bad flu-ey cold when I was bedridden. I can’t even remember when that was. It was many years ago, I am lucky I am usually in good health. And my boss is lucky I’m so conscientious 🤣🤣.

So I doubt that this is Covid, with the negative lateral flows and just the throat and ear symptoms. But who knows? I could be surprised. If I’ve got it my guess is it’s Omicron as that’s the most prevalent and most likely to give you symptoms like a cold. I went to the walk in testing centre in Windsor coach park. I seemed to be their only customer with about 6 guys supervising in high vis jackets. I had to do my own test with the bloke watching me blow my nose, and timing me on each action with the swab. They were nice, but it felt a bit humiliating really, but it’s done.

Did I wear myself out with the excitement of the decluttering challenge?? 🤣. My running total is 55 items out of 100. Today’s prompt was medications and I did find some expired pills. I still need to get all tablets in one place though. I keep them upstairs in the bathroom and the bottom of my jewellery box, downstairs in my desk cupboard and headache and migraine tablets in just about every handbag I own, and that’s quite a few. I only take one prescription medication, it’s the others that get scattered about I think. Sometimes I ask David for Paracetamol as he always keeps his in the same place and I can’t find mine or when I find it it’s out of date. I must get a better system!

Yesterday’s Orjenise prompt was DVDs and CDs. These are off to the charity shop.

And these..

Before I got rid of them I checked the price if I sold them via Music Magpie… grand total of 58p for the DVDs and 11p for the CDs. The Orjenise lady is correct, these things are worthless and almost obsolete. There are many people who love their CDs and dispute this. Personally I am not that bothered about CDs especially as I don’t actually listen to music very often. I prefer quiet! DVDs I quite like but when did I last play one….? Maybe 2018?

I think it’s time for another cup of tea now.. to lubricate the throat, must keep hydrated! The cake may also be for medicinal reasons, to keep my spirits up. Easy dinner of ready made fish cakes tonight. Bye for now. Keep healthy. Colds are rubbish too as well as Covid. January sucks but the sun is shining 🌞Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Another sunny day in Windsor, a bit ill and off work

  1. Hopefully its just a cold and nothing more. Its certainly been going around since December, from people I have seen on Twitter saying they have a cold, but PCR ok.

    Its certainly lovely seeing the sun out. Makes it feel pleasant, regardless it being cold at times.

    I play dvd’s a lot, as you know and cd’s, I have been getting back to playing more. Xx

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