It’s a small world

Like it or not, we live in a global society. What one human being chooses to eat on the other side of the world, or how they interact with nature, changes the whole planet.

The Covid 19 pandemic has given every country, government and human being in the world THE SAME PROBLEM. This is quite mind blowing.

On subject matters both including and apart from Covid 19, it occurs to me that there are human beings on the other side of the world who may be more on my wavelength than even my closest neighbours. Strange but true. It is really lovely but fascinating to find blog friends and blogs of those I can connect with who share my views on many topics, thousands of miles away from me having grown up in a completely different culture, religion or economic background. (although sometimes equally fascinating to read viewpoints and to learn about lifestyles completely different from mine!).

Have you noticed that when you travel around the world how many place names are the same as yours back home, either by design or by accident? David used to comment that no matter where you are in the world you always seem to come across a Hotel Bristol. There are loads of them, completely unrelated to each other. They never look that amazing by the way, a mediocre type of hotel. (Not that I have anything against Bristol, UK, by the way, it’s a great city and I have good friends there!).

Earlier this week I was approached by some good people in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). They are from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and reached out to The Windsor Waffle to help promote their digital concert series linked up with food. I replied to say that they may have mistaken me for living in another Windsor of the world, rather than Windsor, UK, but as we are all fellow Windsorians and citizens of planet Earth, the concerts are digital and food related, so relevant to TWW, I am happy to oblige. I know I have a few lovely followers in Canada, so hi there, this is for you too!

This digital concert series from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra looks like a really interesting programme of music paired up with food and recipes for you to join in with at home, a novel idea.

“ Immerse yourself in a musical adventure linking the music, the story, and the food. Along with experiencing great music performed by the WSO, discover the back story on the composers who wrote the music, and the trials and triumphs that influenced them. Find out about the foods popular in different places and earlier times. Get the recipes!”

You can check out the full details and buy tickets here.

All around the world cultural venues are suffering from lockdowns and lack of business during the pandemic. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to visit theatres and concert halls right now, others still have severe restrictions. In the UK I noticed recently that in England we are still sitting merrily cheek by jowl in our historic theatres, but in Swansea, Wales (one of my favourite places in the world) the theatres are currently closed, I guess because only up to 30 people can attend an indoor event in Wales at the moment. In England the numbers of people indoors are completely unlimited, could be absolutely thousands of people with no social distancing in place. In Scotland I have no idea 🤷‍♀️! It’s hard to keep up with it all and the world and our governments all seem to have gone a bit mad.

So in the spirit of The Windsor Waffle, let’s help each other out both near and far, as we’ve got so much in common and the solution to a global problem is going to have to be a global solution.

Have a great weekend everybody! Thanks for tuning in to TWW 😊Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

10 thoughts on “It’s a small world

  1. Yes, from blogging, its been nice meeting people from other parts of the world.
    Also, like you, find same name places in other parts of the world that the UK has, but theirs probably being much nicer looking.

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  2. That is so funny and yet heartwarming at the same time. It would be interesting to find out that there are Windsors all over the world all inhabited by like minded people..hope a lot of people attend the concert series!

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  3. I love that about blogging too! I’m in South Africa and its great to connect with people all over the world. As to the ‘Bristol’ Hotel name….I’ve stayed in one in Paris! Not exactly 5 star, but a decent bed for a few nights! LOL

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    1. Ha ha. If it wasn’t for the pandemic I could go and stay in all the Bristol hotels.. they could have their own blog?! Many blog friends’ locations remind me of my pre pandemic trips. We were in South Africa – Cape Town and The Garden Route – for our honeymoon in 2003, we had a great time! 😊

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