Finding healthy foods you actually like

Hi. I’m a great believer in finding exercise that you enjoy doing, so that you can stick to it and it doesn’t feel like a chore. For me that means walking, swimming, gentle cycling (to the pub!) and yoga. Occasionally I play non serious tennis (followed by a little après tennis 😊). Similarly I think it’s important to find healthy food swaps and foods that you genuinely enjoy that are good for you. Unfortunately a lot of tasty foods are not particularly good for you, but many are. It’s trial and error.

Tonight the healthy ingredient is red lentils and we’re having lamb and lentil curry. The recipe is here. I’ve never made this before so I can’t tell you yet whether it’s any good 🤣

It’s looking and smelling good so far. Very good. David is quite a fussy eater but he likes lentils. He doesn’t really understand what they are so I’ve looked it up.. they are little seeds that grow two to each pod. Canada produces many more lentils than any other country, who knew that? And they are a great source of plant based protein, fibre and potassium. My boss is a vegetarian who eats a lot of different types of lentils and he seems to have a lot of energy, he’s a good advert for them!

Here are the curry ingredients lined up.. except the rocket/kale mix.

So also going into this at the end is a bit of this rocket/baby kale mix.

David would never eat kale in a million years, and I’m not that keen on it either, but these baby leaves wilted are absolutely fine. Rocket is the only salad item David enjoys, he likes the peppery flavour. We had some of these leaves in last night’s dinner I’ll show you later.

I’m serving this curry with basmati and wild rice mix that I’ve recently discovered. You have to cook it for 18 minutes which is longer than normal basmati, but we like this combo and it’s better for us. A friend says she mixes up brown and white rice together, so we might try that some time soon as we’re not that keen on brown rice on its own, seems a bit chewy.

Here’s the lamb and lentil curry in early stages of cooking, it’s now been simmering gently for ages.. that lovely warm curry smell throughout the house😋

So we’re both looking forward to gobbling up this one.

Last night we had prawn linguine, also a new recipe to me I found online. It’s here. This one was very quick and easy to make and delicious. We had plenty of petits pois in it and the rocket and baby kale mix wilted too, so plenty of greens. If I cook with prawns I generally like to go for king prawns, they’re a bit more expensive but so much juicier.

I hope you’re finding some tasty but also healthy ingredients to try. Maybe I’ve given you some inspiration. If you’ve got any tips for me for healthy-yet-delicious ingredients please let me know. I’m off to dish up now. Bon appetit! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “Finding healthy foods you actually like

  1. These look yummy :)..I’ve been on a vegan journey of late so my only ingredient recommendation is tofu :). If you find any amazing recipes that utilize tofu, please do post. It isn’t the most interesting ingredient (at least with what I’m making thus far) I need to be creative.

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    1. I’m not a fan of tofu, but it’s many years since I’ve actually tried it. I imagine in a curry it might be OK, but it has a funny texture. That would be a challenge I think, to find a good tofu recipe, I’ll let you know if I find one that sounds nice!

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