O’ Christmas tree…

Hi. Do you like our Christmas tree?

I love it. One of our better ones. There are more presents piling up under it by the day.

This is Annabel the fairy, she sits on the top. Here she is last year..so serene.

She appears on my iPhone if I search on the photos page for “people”! She must have good facial structure.

I’m a bit worn out from Christmas prep and Covid nonsense. David is out tonight so I’ve been a busy elf in the grotto wrapping up his gifts.

The kitchen is ongoing, but they made progress with the tiling today. They should finish the tiles tomorrow.

I now lay out my lateral flow test for the morning as I lay out my clothes the night before. Yesterday I even did 2 tests. I did one before I worked in the same room as a colleague and another before I went out in the evening with a friend. Both negative, thankfully. I never want to see those 2 red lines.

Nevertheless I did get pinged this evening. It was a surprise but not surprising as I’ve been out quite a lot. Somewhere sometime on Sunday my phone was near to someone who has tested positive. I do not have to isolate as I’m fully jabbed and boosted, but as below it’s time to stick more sticks up my nose. Lovely! At least the throat bit isn’t involved any more for lateral flow.

So I hope you’re keeping well and navigating yourself through these strange times. You have my warmest get well wishes if you or anyone in your household is poorly in this run up to Christmas. Bye for now Xx

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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