1st December… hurtling towards Christmas☃️🤩

I love this snowman and friends display in the front porch of one of my neighbours. It’s there every year. The house belongs to a very nice lady who used to get on the bus with me sometimes, I forget her name. Her sister used to get on the bus at the top of the hill and call us to say the bus was on its way, which was great news when you’re waiting in the cold.

Today I’m at home, doing some home tasks. David is here too, he cancelled his band rehearsal today as he wasn’t feeling that well. He’s done a lateral flow test yesterday and today, as have I. So far so negative. We also have the plasterer and his mate, working on the kitchen where the tiles were taken off. Radio blaring, Christmas tunes singalong. Well that woke me up, although I got quite into it after a while 🤣🤣.

Today being 1st December I was able to open the first window on my ASOS advent calendar yippee 🥳. This calendar was a gift to myself. Last year I had the Bare Minerals one which I thoroughly enjoyed, my first beauty advent calendar. This is the ASOS one below. The little boxes will be recyclable into a new calendar for someone. I really like the packaging.

Look how big the no.3 box is….? Wonder what’s in there??

For today I opened no. 1, of course! And it was an Origins overnight face mask. I’m not sure I want to do a face mask all night, but I could do this one evening perhaps…

I’ve been sorting out some more stuff at home today and tried to start my winter capsule of clothing… I’m currently at 12 jumpers!!!? Hardly a capsule is it? Clearly needs more work.

After getting overwhelmed with stuff, I went out for a walk up the hill and back and took these pictures.

I saw this house below last year. Well this tiny rucksack on Santa will be way too small for all my presents!!

Not real animals!

Some lovely Christmassy reds around today..

That’s probably about it for today. Apart from our snow in Windsor on Sunday. I told you it was cold, didn’t I? This is the snow still left over on Monday morning. I was quite impressed.

We’re all a bit apprehensive about what happens next with the Omicron variant. I’m still going to the cinema tonight and to several Christmas parties. No international travel planned though, and for that I’m quite relieved. 😅. Keep safe Wafflers. Back soon Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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