Sunday’s update: cold weather, food, walk, memories…

This wreath made me smile one lunchtime in Windsor this week. Is it a teddy bear or Mickey Mouse?! 🤣

It’s cold 🥶. Cosy in my house but cold outside. Yesterday we went for a walk at Windsor Home Park and the wind was bitter. I wrapped my scarf around my head but it was only a thin one and the wind bit straight through. I’ve had earache in one ear ever since. I don’t really like winter, it’s too cold and dark, but I do like Christmas.

Today we found a new café (new for us, not really new) for lunch. It’s called Pondwood Lakeside Café and is located in White Waltham next to an angling lake. Their website is here.

It’s a lovely location by the lake.

It would be really nice to go here in the summer and sit outside.

Today there were several fisherman outside by the lake, but there was only one other couple in the café, really quiet. The food was good and they do an all day breakfast which is worth knowing. David and I both opted for the double sausage and chips and a Diet Coke. Not a particularly healthy lunch, but weekends are for treats! 😊. This came to a grand total of £14, good value for money and we’ll be back.

After lunch we went to Dorney to walk by The Jubilee River. It was fairly quiet there too. Where is everybody? Too cold for them? Christmas shopping?

We saw some nice birds… swans, cormorants or shags, wag tails, a friendly robin, red kites, a blackbird, crested grebe, and I think a reed bunting.

The puddles were full of ice. Brrrr 🥶.

David’s currently practising guitar (“Mustang Sally” etc) ready for playing with the band at a local dinner dance next weekend. I’m lying on the bed, blogging. A lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m also thinking of all the jobs I should have finished at home this weekend 🤔 and the dinner I need to cook.

Tonight we’re having roasted stuffed breast of lamb. I bought these from the Windsor Farm Shop on Friday. They look really good, and good value at £3.79 for two. I have no idea how long to cook them for as they have no instructions, I’m just going to wing it. Lamb is OK a bit undercooked anyway. There will be roast potatoes, mashed carrot and swede from M &S, spinach and gravy. For pudding will be vanilla ice cream for David and raspberries, blueberries and ice cream for me. I may persuade David to eat a couple of raspberries 🤣 as they’re good for him.

Before cooking below…..sorry this is a terrible photo. They’re now wrapped in foil ready to go in the oven. I’m going to take the foil off for the last 30 minutes, get me!

As I’ve been sorting out a lot of random photos and old letters this weekend, I’ll leave you with this memory from my past…. back in my rowing days at school on The River Thames at Putney. I’m the seventeen year old in the bright turquoise striped t-shirt, position no. 7 in the boat. I don’t look very strong in the arms! I remember the cold and the blisters on your hands in the winter and the coach shouting at you from the comfort of his motorboat. I remember how heavy the boat was when we all carried it upside down on our shoulders to get it into the water. I used to go rowing on Monday afternoons followed by, believe it or not, ballet class! I found it challenging changing my mindset from rowing to ballet, such different disciplines. And with hindsight, what a tiring start to the week.

My niece Hazel is now rowing at Cambridge University. She is rowing in the girls’ boat and also coxing the men’s. Sounds like she’s loving it.

Have a good week everybody! Thanks for reading The Waffle Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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