Pink flowers of the day

Hi. It’s amazing how mild it’s been in October and early November. It’s just starting to get a bit chilly now. There are still flowers in bloom around my local estate. The one above I spotted this afternoon.

Here’s another one..looks a bit sad somehow.

I also spotted some purples and some white. Don’t you just love flowers? They’re so great! 😀 These pale mauve ones are so pretty.

It’s been a productive day at home for me today, recharging my batteries and catching up on some home admin. We had no kitchen workmen today 😅 but David sent a video of the plastering to be done where the tiles were removed to the plasterer for his quote and planning. That’ll probably be done early next week.

I wimped out of my bookclub last night as we had a meeting with the kitchen manager guy and I was too exhausted after work and that. Too many nights out on the trot too last week I think. Tonight I’m off to the cinema to see King Richard with Erica and Sue. So I’m making my way now for a quick shower, cooking venison burgers and baked beans for supper and then to the film. Looking forward to lying in the reclining cinema seat and being transported to another world… and relax! 🤗 Bye for now Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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