Pretty reindeer and kitchen progress (or not)

Hi all. Windsor is starting to look quite Christmassy. I like these pretty reindeer I spotted today outside my hairdresser’s. It’s called Icon in Windsor and is run by some lovely Polish ladies. They only take cash even in these post lockdown times, but their prices are reasonable for central Windsor. My locks are getting very long! On my current extensive “to do” list is to book a haircut soon.

My home “to do” list for the weekend seems huge. The kitchen project is ongoing, the house is disorganised with stuff everywhere. Only quick cooking and ready meals for us this week. It’s beginning to wear thin already and I’m getting a bit tired. On a positive note, the kitchen work done so far looks good. The price is going up day by day with each issue that’s encountered and of course we are behind schedule, as these jobs usually are. The new washing machine replaces the smelly 17 year old one. I was hoping to put a wash on, but not tonight as the initial programme you have to run takes 2 hours 48 minutes… 😴🥱. Maybe tomorrow. I tried reading the manual to select one programme I will use all the time, as I don’t need 26. Still undecided and I started to get a headache.

No idea what this girl is up to!? she hasn’t come with my machine.

It’s a ready made chicken and leek pie tonight so I’m off to shove that in the oven and put on some petits pois. I’ll leave you with some beautiful leaves and wish you a very relaxing weekend! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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