The Man in the hat and kitchen cupboards

Hi everyone. Do you like my “Man in a Hat” painting? I did this on Thursday night at Sip and Paint at The George pub in Eton. This was really fun. The tutor gave you a pencil outline for the man on canvas and then told you which colours to mix and roughly where to put each colour. I hadn’t done any painting since school except for a paint by numbers a few years ago I never finished.

We were 5 people in my group and about 4 other ladies. Everyone’s paintings looked fab, all the same but with small differences. I sipped one glass of wine but there honestly wasn’t that much time for drinking, we were far too busy painting layer upon layer and trying to keep up with the tutor. It cost £25. including all materials but not including drinks. I liked the fact we didn’t have to set everything up or clear everything up afterwards. We put our brushes in to soak in water, plates of unused paint in the bin. The tutor must have had to clean all the brushes properly afterwards.

Talking of cleaning, my hands are now infused with Cif cleaning fluid. (Does anyone remember when it was called Jif?). We are having our kitchen cupboards upgraded with new doors, work starts tomorrow. We have emptied all the cupboards (boy what a lot of stuff!), and cleaned the inside of all the cupboards thoroughly with a scourer and Cif.

The stuff from the kitchen cupboards is currently piled up under the stairs, on half the dining table and on the living room carpet. This reminds me of my parents’ house and makes me feel a bit stressed. I keep reminding myself this is just temporary. By the end of tomorrow we can probably put some of it back, as well as throw some more of it away.

We will also be having at a later stage new quartz worktops on top of the existing worktops, a new dark grey sink, easy access storage solutions in 2 cupboards, and new tiling which I showed you in a previous post, but here are the tiles from Wickes we’ve chosen again..

In my downstairs study we are also having new white doors on my super large cupboard, replacing the dated dark brown doors. So I’ve been sorting out and emptying that one too. I’ve just got the large top section to do in a bit. I’m trying to be more Marie Kondo. When you empty your cupboards you realise what a lot of stuff you have been hoarding, forgotten that most of it was even there. Unfortunately as the downstairs of the house is full of kitchen stuff I’ve done multiple trips upstairs with the study cupboard stuff. It’s now also piled up in the spare room. The whole house is a tip! It’s only temporary… and breathe!

I’ve not got much else to report. Time for a hot beverage and then back to the great cupboard clear out. I am drowning in stuff, dreaming of being a minimalist…

When did you last clear out and clean your cupboards…?

I suggest you start now. Have a nice week 😊Xx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “The Man in the hat and kitchen cupboards

  1. We had a skip during main lockdown! There’s nothing left in our house now that wouldn’t move with us. Everything we chucked in the skip had to be recycled by the waste disposers and, at the time, our tip was either closed or severely restricted. It was hugely rewarding and I can’t believe how easy it is to keep the house “straight” now. (The fact that Bethan’s moved out might also be playing a part in that though :-D)


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    1. You did really well. I will aspire to your level of house/stuff organisation 😊. I think I was too busy making cocktails during lockdown, I have also accumulated a lot of random liqueurs and spirits 🤣x


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