Beautiful pumpkins, new Aldi supermarket, wonderful trees

Hello. I am quite in love with the pumpkin on the left. I grew it myself. It is so smooth and round, the weight of a new born baby. I have watched it steadily progress from green to orange on my kitchen windowsill over the past few weeks. Maybe we will eat it soon. I haven’t finished admiring it yet!

On Monday night we ate the really small one (not shown here), it wasn’t even round. I made a pumpkin and sausage risotto. It was delicious. The recipe is here.

What will I make next? Who knows. Watch this space. For tonight we are having lamb korma cooked in the slow cooker. It smells great. I have to put the cream in in a minute for the last 20 minutes of cooking.

I’ve had a nice day today. I went to the post office and popped into Tesco’s first thing, then met a friend for coffee and carrot cake at the park. Most relaxing. We walked a couple of laps of the park and I tried out the park gym equipment 🤣. On the way home we visited the new Aldi supermarket, admired all the bargain prices. The fruit and veg looked fresh and good. I bought 2 bottles of white wine, each one about £2. cheaper than we usually pay. We’ll see if we like them. There are some random items for sale amongst the groceries. I spotted some ski trousers 🤷‍♀️ , some balls of wool and a sewing machine. Sadly there was no grape juice, this is getting quite hard to source especially white grape juice which I’m coming to the conclusion is now extinct.

After lunching on a scotch egg and a cupasoup, David came home from band practice and we caught up. This afternoon I made my lamb korma and put it on the high setting on the slow cooker. While it was cooking I started clearing out some cupboards in my study and the kitchen ready for the new cupboard doors being fitted next week. It’s a good time for a clear out making sure we really need all the stuff we’ve accumulated.

I’ll leave you with some gorgeous trees of Windsor Great Park from the weekend… and some robust looking cows/bulls that belong to the Queen.

This is the lovely tulip tree, one of my favourites.

This is one of its leaves…

The beautiful path ahead.. May yours be beautiful too. Happy Wednesday to the world via The Waffle! 😊Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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