Pumpkin progress, trip to Reading and walk in Boveney

Well, the pumpkins are turning orange albeit very slowly. I think we’ll be having Halloween at mid to end of November at this rate 🤣. They seem to go orange from the bottom up, interesting stuff.

Apart from watching pumpkins turn orange, we’ve been having a relaxing weekend at home. Yesterday we had a trip on the train to Reading to go to the Apple shop to get a new battery for my phone. The new battery including service/fitting cost £49. A good service and much cheaper than a new phone.

We had lunch at Las Iguanas while we were there, which made a nice change. A chicken burrito bowl for me and chicken wings plus mushroom quesadillas for David. Reading seems to have a number of shops I thought didn’t exist any more. They have an HMV, a Bella Italia restaurant, House of Fraser.. I though all these shops had closed down? Obviously not in Reading. A few shops had ridiculous Christmas decorations!!!! in October… ?!? (I quite like the Next ones which are paper trees) and there was even a Christmas themed outside bar with Xmas trees, pods, reindeer and baubles, I kid you not.

Apart from the phone battery, I didn’t buy anything else and David got some jogging bottoms in M & S for £16. Last of the big spenders we are.

Today we had a walk in Dorney/Eton Wick area including seeing Boveney lock. It was what I call a nothing weather day today… no rain, no sun, not hot, not cold, not windy. I enjoyed looking at the River Thames and some leaves on the trees. Not many leaves are changing colour yet, it has been extremely mild weather for October.

The little old church.

The River Thames.

Fields and space… and breathe!

This is a particularly nice gate for my friend at The Rambling Sloth.

This area reminds me a bit of The New Forest. There is common ground with cows roaming free. This one was in no hurry to move out of the way for our car. Moo-ooove! 🤣

“Mmm, what delicious grass.. keep your head down, keep munching, I don’t think they’ve seen us”.

That concludes today’s Waffle for you before I go all Animal Magic on you voicing all the animals. Hands up who in the UK remembers Animal Magic with Johnny Morris? Great stuff! 😊Xx.

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