Flowers + the kitchen refurb begins

Hi. How are you? I’m just killing some time while the plasterer does our kitchen ceiling. Have you noticed that whenever you say the word plasterer, someone says “oh, that’s a very skilled job?” I’m sure it is, but it’s a bit like when you mention a swan and someone invariably says “a swan could break your arm, you know!”

Anyway, the plasterer seems very happy. He arrived early, of course, these workmen like an early start do they not? Whistling, smiling, radio on. All a bit much for me first thing, but a lot more positive energy than we usually have in our house first thing. Neither David nor I are morning people. I am probably an afternoon person and David is a real night owl, coming alive at about midnight.

The yellow dahlia photo above I took one lunchtime last week in Windsor. Such a cheery colour. This October weather has been crazy for us. 20 degrees C, wasps everywhere, daffodils wanting to come up. Not autumnal at all really.

I also had some lovely flowers from David last week for our wedding anniversary, 18 years, wow!

They look even better now that the lilies have come out. Both David and I are really pleased with them. And of course we are also very pleased that we still like each other, after all this time!

Plasterer’s ceiling is not drying but he’s still happy, still whistling and singing along to his tunes! Are we paying him too much money?? 🤔!! No one is this happy in their work 🤣.

The ceiling plastering is stage 2 of our kitchen refurb project. I’m quite liking doing it in dribs and drabs so we have some time off in between. The ceiling spotlights we had put in about a week ago. Today is the plastering. Next will be probably the replacement cupboard doors and quartz worktops on top of the existing worktops. We chose to replace the doors as our existing cabinets are quite sturdy, they just look outdated. Also it’s better for the environment to keep and reuse what we can and a lot less disruptive, a bit cheaper than a whole new kitchen. Our kitchen is quite small, although much bigger than the one in our previous house; it’s all relative. We have no room for a table or an island or anything like that, but that’s fine.

The doors will be pale grey gloss. The worktops will be a white flecked quartz. Dark grey sink. We have now chosen our tiles..white with dark grey grout from Wickes as below.

We saw some of these tiles in places we stayed on holiday recently and we like the fact they are not flat, they have bevelled edges, if that is the expression. I think sometimes they are called underground tiles, like The London Underground stations. These tiles were such a bargain from Wickes: £9. a pack. We needed 5 packs including extras, so £45. total. The company who replace the doors are going to do the tiling for us.

Fingers crossed it will all turn out as good as it looks in my head so far!! The Waffle Kitchen will be fit for TWW blog. Watch this space. It could be done by Christmas… maybe… I don’t want to jinx it as we are going gradually. We should be maybe only one day without cooking facilities when they switch the gas off. That’ll be the microwave moved into the garage. Sorted!

For today I have the kettle in my study, and the fridge in the garage filled with drinks and snacks. I had a cup of tea, a banana and a kiwi yoghurt for breakfast. Fizzy water and Cadbury’s brunch bar for elevenses. Lunch will be smoked salmon sandwiches I made last night. I think he’ll be gone by then, but I also have Connie the Caterpillar cake bars in store for tea time! I feel like I’m camping with my emergency supplies, and chuffed I was organised enough to set this up last night.

Just looking for a fridge picture and this popped up. What a weird photo! Halloween…? ! What a sad fridge, even though it’s orange! 🤣

What’s your kitchen like? Have you had an update? What colour scheme did you go for….? Bye for now Xx 😊

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